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    Hello mama ladies! I was introduced to SCM at a recent conference and purchased Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education and WOW…this book has been such a blessing to me!!!   I have been searching the forums and studying the history handbooks which I love.  At some point in my searching I think I read that Module 1 would be updated with additional spine options (other than Oxford First Ancient History).  My question is, is this in the works or already complete?  I ask this question because on the download page for Genesis through Deuteronnomy, it reads “new second addition” but there does not appear to be another ancient history spine listed.  My girls will be 4 and 8, and I wonder if Oxford would be over their heads.  Thanks for any helpful thoughts! Smile


    It’s still in the works.

    One thing that has been discovered is the main spine (Oxford) is virtually identical to the Oxford Children’s Ancient History in both text and pictures. So if you keep an eye out on Amazon for either one you might be able to grab one used for $10.00 or so. They go fast. Anotehr thing to try is post on here to see if anyone has one to part with, just start a new thread so people see it.

    I have the Children’s one. Basically each 2 page spread is a subtopic similar to what you see in Eyewitness books. Oxford has more text per page than an Eyewitness book, but it would be readable out loud to 4 and 8 year olds. We’re not to that time period yet, but I could see reading it to my kiddos (ages 10, 7, 6, 4, 3, 1, and 4 mos).


    Thanks so much for the information Tristan.  I had not heard of the Oxford Children’s Ancient History and will definately look into that. Smile


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