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  • Greetings. I am new to the CM curriculum and we have recently been following The Well Trained Mind curriculum. We have  Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World volume 1, but it doesn’t begin with the Big Bang/Creation/Evolution, so we’ve stepped back and are studying those topics first before we move forward into ancient history. Are there any living book recommendations for Big Bang/Creation/Evolution that anyone can recommend? I’d like to stick with the idea of teaching history chronologically. Thanks.



    Rachel White

    I would suggest books from Mastersbooks and Answers in Genesis. Here is apost I made on Creation based science books that I hope will be helpful to you:

    Have you tried using an interlibrary loan system at your library? I have found many creation books through the interlibrary loans. Look for books by Buddy Davis, D. Deyoung, Micheal Oard and his wife’s, too; The book “Men of Science, Men of G-d” to read bio’s of other creationists, The “Wonders of Creation Series”, I have found them thru my interlibrary and at library sales; here’s the list of them:

    My method is to go to the Master Books, the Nature section from Yesterday’s Classics, and Answers and Genesis website, scroll thorugh the books and make a wish list for my children. Then I take that list and browse through my library website, write down which books I can get at the library and then put the others on a wish list and keep an eye out for them on sale, used at Amazon, at used books stores, library sales, etc. If your library doesn’t have a site, then go through the list with the librarian.

    As for online resources, any books by Jean Henri Fabre, Mrs. Alfred (Margaret) Gatty,  Arabella Buckley “Eyes and No Eyes Series”, Ernest Seton.

     Two online sources I like are Baldwin online ( )and

    but use wherever you find them and like the format. These ideas also apply to the 2nd grader (who is getting indoctrinated to evolution while she’s still in the gov’t school), who can start reading creationsim books now while she’s still there. Again, the Buddy Davis books, Don DeYoung, the Answers books for Kids, etc., through the library, from Masterbooks and Answers in Genesis and books in her age group from Yesterday’s Classics at  under the Nature section.

    Even though you didn’t ask, if you subscribe to Netflix, thereare a few Creationist videos there and check for them from the library, too.

    I would defineitely add in the Jonathan Park audio series as well, from the beginning. They have a wealth of info. in them. My son (9) has learned a great deal. The bst price for those is at Amazon for arounf $16-$17.00.



    The handbook for Module 1 on this website starts off with creation. It’s called Genesis through Dueteronomy & Ancient Egypt. You can use that alongside of or in place of SOTW vol.1


    Sonya Shafer

    What ages are your children, Kitara?

    Thanks Cindie! Sonya, my kids are 8 and 4.

    I don’t know if they’re considered CM worthy, but I found some books on Amazon that might fit the bill:

    Born With a Bang, Jennifer Morgan
    From Lava to Life, Jennifer Morgan
    Mammals Who Morph, Jennifer Morgan
    Our Family Tree, Lisa Westbey Peters
    Life on Earth, Steve Jenkins
    The Tree of Life: The Wonders of Evolution, Ellen Jackson
    Darwin and Evolution for Kids, Kristan Lawson (this one seems a bit too old for my 8-year-old so this one can wait until later years)

    I found a couple of them online through my local library so we’re going by to pick those up this afternoon.


    Sonya Shafer

    I haven’t read any of those, Kitara, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you if they’re living books. For your four-year-old, I like Six Busy Days: The Wonderful Story of Creation. You might check the Answers in Genesis site for some material for your older child. They have a lot of resources available.

    Rachel, thank you as well for all of those great resources. I will be sure to check them out!

    My biggest obstabcle is that I am trying not to overwhelm myself with this pre-history stuff. While doing TWTM we had already covered Creation/The Big Bang and were moving on to evolution, but now I feel like I should slow things down a bit and go back to Creation/Big Bang based on some of the books I found and some of the suggestions here and then move into evolution before we move into SOTW which begins with the Nomads (I’ll weave this in with evolution) and then goes into the Egyptians.

    Here’s a question….we’re doing our terms for 12 weeks, broken up in six week segments (and going year round). Is it too long to cover Creation/Big Bang for six weeks and then move into evolution which involves the Ice Age and Dinosaurs (always fun for kids) for the next six weeks before we jump into SOTW? Since SOTW is already laid out it will be easy to follow…it’s just this stuff that comes before it that I’m struggling with.


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