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    Hello. I was looking through the SCM and I noticed that the individual studies did not go past grade 6. Am I not finding it or do you not make them for middle school or highschool? I also just bought the Bird study and got all the recommended reading, now that should cover my science for the year?




    SCM does not have individual study guides past 6th grade, but if you look on this page it might help guide you towards specific subject suggeations.

    I actually really like having subject guides (history, science, math,  spelling) because it allows flexibility for me to set up our week in a way that works for us and the suggestions of how often to do other subjects (poetry, composer, poetry…) helps me know how often to add those in with out doing too much in a week either..

    The individual study guides can be fantastic, but SCM gives a lot of guidance and suggestions that makes their curriculium choices very workable and adjustable to fit each families schedule even if your student is in a grade without the individual study guide.

    Tamara Bell

    We are currently working on upper level Individual Studies guides.  It is taking time because we would like to make sure to have all of the resources available that we suggest/prefer.

    Sarah2106 linked our Individual Suggestions (thank you!!).  If you would like help planning, 5 Steps to Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education can be helpful.


    Great. Thank you. I still have a few years but I love how it is all planned out!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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