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    Thank you SCM for this new guide. I received it yesterday, along with A Castle With Many Rooms, and it looks to be a great fit for my daughter. I had a question about Bible. I have the GOAL Bible study book. Is that no longer used in this guide? If not, that’s okay. I want to use GOAL at some point, but I didn’t know if it could still be used in conjunction with the Bible scheduled in the guide. Thank you so much for these wonderful resources. I look forward to using them in a few months.



    Sonya Shafer

    The GOAL Bible Study Journal is not included in the new Second Edition guides.

    Feedback from users told us that it was confusing to have a 3-year project. If people wanted to start with Early Modern, for example, they missed the first third of the study. So we tried to make the Second Editions self-contained and easy to jump in at any point.

    Feedback also told us that the younger students were finding it difficult to do the GOAL study method. So we incorporate a few GOAL studies into the new Growth in the Word and Strong in the Word Bible studies for grades 7–12 and wrote new Family Bible studies right into the lesson plans to use with both younger and older.

    That being said, the new Family Bible studies in the Second Edition guides follow the same schedule and epistles that are covered in the GOAL journal, Jesus Is Better: Lessons from Hebrews, and Come Lord Jesus: Lessons from Revelation. So if you wanted to substitute or supplement with those studies, you should be able to do so pretty easily.

    How’s that for a long answer? 😉

    PS: By the way, any of those old Bible studies and first editions of the guides that we have left in stock are going up on the Scratch and Dent page of the bookstore at a discount as soon as we get them processed. So if any of you are looking to grab those, keep a lookout on that page.

    Jordan Smith

    So if any of you are looking to grab those, keep a lookout on that page.

    I just finished updating that page with the items Sonya mentioned and quite a few others. 🙂


    Sonya, thanks for the explanation. I actually like the way GOAL is laid out. So, I will probably try to use it with my daughter. If not with her, I may use it for my own personal use.🙂

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