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    Hello!  I am brand new here, but not new to homeschooling.  Last year we started moving more toward  the CM style without realizing it! We used many of Sandi Queen’s materials and switched to BF for history, geography and classical music.  I would really like to move much more toward a CM style next year.  

    But, I have a daughter who will be doing some high school level work next year.  I am not sure who to make CM work with high school.  

    I also have a 5th grader and again, I am not sure how to transition. Can anyone suggest a resource I could dive into over the summer to get me more up to speed on CM method? 





    Pam H


    I can’t speak to your specific questions because I am new too. Wink 

    But I am determined to make a difference in our homeschool this year.  I bought the All Day Seminar from SCM and consider it the best money I’ve spent on homeschool materials in quite a while!!! 

    hth, dear!



    I would suggest that you read the blog that I linked, she uses the CM method with her highschoolers  I would also like to suggest that you read Vol. 6 in the CM seires, they have them available free online at ambleside online.  HTH

    Sonya Shafer

    Holly, the CM methods continue into high school; you just use longer and more difficult books and the student does most of the reading herself. I’ve graduated one and have another who is finishing up her junior year now. Do you have specific questions on how it would work? 

    Also, we have an article on making the transition to CM in small steps that might be helpful. We’ll be discussing those steps more in detail in our upcoming weekly e-mails. Maybe that information will help a little too.

    Hi, I have home schooled for nine yrs.  I feel that Charlotte Mason taught by good classical books.  My teenager uses a lot of the recommended books from this sight.  He works on his own, but we do history and science together.  He does business skills, foreign language, and drivers ed. on line.  I’m having him read the classics for literature.  I hoped that helped!  I bought a lot of books from Simply Charlotte Mason (Sonya), And I am very happy with what we are using.  But it took a long time for us to find what works for us.  Good luck,  I hope you find what works for you!  God Bless

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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