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    I just found out baby #3 is on the way!!  Yea!!!!  But now we need a car big enough for 2 carseats and a booster.  We had been wanting to get a truck.  Does anyone know of a truck with a big enough interior to fit three carseats in the back?


    Sorry I don’t know about trucks, but congratulations on the new baby!!!

    Also don’t know about trucks, but congrats – have a happy and healthy pregnancy.


    We have a Ford F-150 that seats six.  It is actually the roomiest vehicle we have LOL. It has only lap belts in the middle in both front and back though.  Ours is a 1998 – but newer trucks probably have those built in clips for securing car seats so that might work.  Our newer Dodge has those, but I have never used them (my car seat days are a few years gone…).

    Congrats on the new baby!


    I don’t know about the trucks, but I DO know about skinny carseats.  We got a Radian 65 for our 1 year old and it fits in the middle of two very wide five point harness boosters in the very back row of our van (which is more narrow than the middle row.  It’s an expensive carseat but so worth it to have all three fit!  I would suggest using it for your front facing kids though, as it is very long when you use it rear facing and you have to move the seat in front of it all the way up.


    My friend drives a Chevy Silverado and they have 3 kids in car seats in the back (ages 6, 4 and 2).  She said at least one of those is a booster seat, but there is plenty of room between the seats.  Their new baby will be here in October and then they’ll have the newborn in the back and the 6-yr-old in the front (w/air bag turned off).


    Thanks everyone for your comments.   We were actually looking at the F 150, so its nice to know they will fit.  We will have to do some comparative shopping to see which is less expensive.  I think I will look for skinny carseats as well to make it roomier.  Thanks for the info.

    blue j

    congratulations, ruth!

    Lesley Letson

    Congratulations Ruth! We are Ford truck people here. We grow big landscape trees and haul many loads ourselves, and seems that we always have a trailer. When we found out we were having two babies instead of one the last time, we had to get a new car 🙂 I don’t know about the F-150s, we have an F-250 diesel (for hauling reasons). Ours has the two half doors on the backseat and all three carseats fit fine (one is now in a booster, but at first we had all three big seats). I will say though, especially as folks have gotten bigger – there is not much legroom. My father-in-law has an F250 with the full doors in the back and the difference in ease of getting car seats in and legroom is amazing. We had our truck before kids, but if we were in the market again, we’d spring extra for the full doors. My everyday car is an Expedition and three bulky carseats (we have the convertible ones that go from birth to booster) fit fine in the middle row and we leave the back seat folded down for more room. I will say if you are looking at F250 diesels the newer model engines are not that great, you would be better off looking for a used 7.3 liter – much better engine, and more affordable maintenance. 

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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