Needing Handicraft ideas

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  • I have 3 boys and their ages range from 14-3 years old. I am needing ideas in what handicrafts that I can do with my boys.


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    Whittling and wood burning are good handicrafts for older boys.


    I have a mix of boys and girls, so my oldest DS ends up doing some “girl” handicrafts.  Sewing is one that is perhaps more girly, but I think everyone should know how to sew a button, hem a pair of pants, or make basic clothing repairs.  He also really enjoyed picking out fabric for and sewing up his own pillowcase.

    Some others DS enjoys are origami/paper airplanes, book making, clay sculpting, birdhouses, paracord bracelets and building shelters in the backyard.  This year we’ll be doing weaving, sewing, and calligraphy.  I try to have projects picked out that aren’t too “girly”.  One of our weaving projects uses sticks from the yard and another will be weaving baskets from newspaper.  I also am planning a few crafts to go with our history studies for next year (middle ages) including making an illuminated manuscript, building a cardboard castle, and making a working crossbow (from pencils and rubber bands) and/or mini catapult.

    Homemade books:

    Collector’s Shelf (just right for storing lego people):

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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