Need some feedback on some possible exciting resources

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    My daughter needs more life skills and hands-on, especially for math. I am looking at some things that may be good for her, and I’m wondering if anyone here is familiar with these.

    Managing My Allowance: Real Life Math Experience Game

    Menu Math

    Market Math

    I am seriously considering these. If I get no feedback, that’s fine. I wanted to mention them, in case they may be helpful for someone else.

    Also, I wondered if anyone was familiar with Great Science Adventures by Dinah Zike. I am getting the one on plants, but am contemplating using others later.

    The Nature of God DVD series – Would those be good for science?

    Another resource I may try, because my daughter loves to draw is The Fundamentals of Beginning Drawing by Barry Stebbing. Anyone use that?

    Thanks for anything you can share about these.


    My daughter,11, really enjoys art also. She’s taken private art classes offerred at a church near us and also, my children, ds 15, dd,11 and ds, 8 are taking a practical drawing course called complete a sketch volume 1 by melvin Peterson at Insight Technical Education. The sketches are meant to be made with tools like rulers and protractors. There are 3 volumes. They are a prerequisite to CAD and drafting, but my kids like to do it for the fun of it. At our home,the front is practice and the back of the paper is meant to do on your own..

    Hope this helps, Martha

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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