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    I previously posted about WW2/ Holocaust guides. What I want doesn’t exist, so I’m putting together mine own. Sounds simple enough, but I’m struggling!

    Here’s my main question. We’ve always used the SCM guides and I wanted to have the same set up, but it’s stressed me out so much that I’ve now decided to just create a time line of major events to move through, put my books in order of that and instead of a daily “read this book(s) and these chapters”, we’ll just read a set number of chapters a day. So no detailed schedule Just an ordered booklist to move through.  IS THIS OK OR HAVE I LOST MY MIND?  My 9th grader is a check list kind of kid and really wants to know exactly what to do each day. I did discuss this with her and she’s said ok (for now, but I forsee push back later on)  Is this simple enough that we can stay on top of it ?? Some one please tell me this will work OR what problems you may see in this.

    We’ll also have a time line up on the wall for them to add to as we go.

    I’ll cover geography with a large wall map and identify locations as we read about them. Plus reading some cultural books and fairytales from Germany.

    I’m looking for some reassurance here or at least some feedback 😉


    I think that’s a great idea. Just reading through a book list sounds like fun, and very simple! I am going to do the same thing when we get to Canadian history next time, because I haven’t found a curriculum for that that I like for middle grades. 🙂


    You haven’t lost your mind. I have done this many times. Just.make sure you get enough variety in your week and be aware of page count.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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