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    I took my husband to the hospital at 3:00 yesterday afternoon because he has been feeling very bad for a few days… and he still isn’t home.  He called around 8:00 yesterday evening to say they were transfering him to another hospital for some tests.

    I am pretty worried because I know he has some definite health issues.

    My name is Heather (I know I don’t sign my name often, so many of you don’t know my name) and his name is Ken.  Because of security/safety rules I am not giving our last name – but I trust that Heavenly Father will know how you are praying about.



    Of course He will know who we are praying for…I am sorry Heather I know you have shared some concerns about his health before. I will pray for him, his doctors and for you and your children and extended family as you go through this difficult time. My heart goes out to you as there can be little more worrying than having a husband who is ill….

    During this time of trial, be gentle on yourself in regards to schooling, give you and your children and easier schedule so you have the strength and energy for your husband and your own health. Don’t let worrying about school take from you the energy you will need right now for other things. Cling close to your children who are likely frightened about what is happening to daddy, and please let us know how we can continue to pray for you.

    Blessings, Linda

    Rachel White

    Heather, I will definitely pray for you and your family. I completely understand as my husband is disabled with many chronic problems. I identified with your comments about future stability in your other post.

    Please take Linda’s advice and keep a simple schooling schedule-just have them do basic independant stuff and maybe allow for one read-aloud by you; but only if you’re up to it. At times, I’ve given a family subject to them to do independently on bad days. Take a nap if you need to, because this type of situation is very draining. If you have paper plates, use them (really, something so simple helps). Please let us know what more we can pray or do for you.




    Heather, my heart goes out to you in this and prayers go up for you all. I know that He also knows who suzukimom and dh are. He knows all the SCM mamas and their families’ prayer needs. Linda and Rachel have given you some great tips. Please keep us updated.


    Heather, my prayers are with you all.  Continue to rely on God for His perfect strength to bring you through this trial.  He will never leave you or forsake you.  He knows exactly what our needs are even before we do ourselves.  By all means, slow things down for the sake of yourself and your children.


    Heather, so sorry to hear about your dh.  I’ll be praying for him and for you and the kids.  Yes, please do go easy on yourself with school and any other responsibilities….care of hubby and kids are much more important during a time like this.  Praying, Gina


    Praying for both you and Ken. Please keep us posted.




    Prayers for both of you, Heather!


    Praying for you Heather.  It is nice to know your name!


    Oh, Heather, you are definitely in our prayers!  Take it easy…and remember that the Lord loves you and your family. Trust in Him. Give your kids some extra squeezes today!  If there is anything else we can do, please tell us!



    Well, he has been admitted and will probably be there a day or two.  

    I got a blessing at church, and I am confident that things will work out fine at this time.  Dh will be getting a blessing later this afternoon.

    I’m still worried about the longer term future.

    I’ll be seeing him this afternoon – my step-daughter is coming to watch the kids while I go.


    Thanks for the prayers, it means a lot


    I can’t begin to imagine the difficulty of not being at the hospital with him 🙁 I am so sorry!!!! I will be praying!!!


    Will pray for you and hubby, Heather.



    WE’re praying over here Heather.  Keep your eyes fixed one the One who is in control! 



    He is being kept in the hospital until tomorrow for a test (they don’t do it on Sundays unless it is an emergant case… which means he isn’t an emergant case, which is good…)   If they get the results they expect, he will probably be home tomorrow evening with some new medications.

    I am thinking of really cutting back next week (well, not that we got anything at all done thise last week either…)

    Here is my general plan….

    Devotion – real basics… scripture mastery and a few songs…

    Math – about 15 min instead of 30… most days play the games…

    Reading – this is an area we have been slacking – and looking at it, we are going to start at the beginning of the Robinson Curriculum for the moment for reading… maybe it will give them the practice they need to get going a bit better.    And spend a bit of time to do Reading with me 3rd child (she is at about lesson 37 in 100 EZ lessons, and I don’t want her to loose ground.

    Copywork – 5min

    Violin Practice 

    and that will probably be it… unless I feel ambitious.  There are some educational videos that might get put on…

    will have to decide about the outside lessons for this week (violin, violin group, swimming)

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