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    We are switching to CM immediatley and doing it thru the summer-crossing my fingers that DH will let me continue into the Fall. I have a 1st and 3rd grader. DS (1st) is still learning to read (still sounding out). My son does well in Math, my DD in LA. They both need to be challenged as they were not for most of this year. It came back to bite me big time! Here is what I plan to order:


    Delightful Reading Complete Kit

    Child’s Character Building Book Volume 1

    Days Go By

    More Days Go By


    Wisdom and the Millers: Proverbs for Children


    Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt

    Boy of the Pyramids 

    Outdoor Secrets and Companion (Is this OK to use in lieu of 106 Days)?

    Hours in the Out-of-Doors: A Charlotte Mason Nature Study Handbook (Do I need this if I am getting Outdoor Secrets)?


    Am I missing anything? Any thoughts? Opinions?


    (We will be using Horizons for math, HWWT for HW. I also am purchasing several of the recommended Read-Alouds).


    Thanks Ladies!!Smile





    Looks good to me!


    The Hours in the Out of Doors, I believe, explains Nature Study in more detail (I have it and am reading it slowly). I can’t remember if it has ideas, etc., but it’s more for mom to understand the whole reason for Nature Study.  We have Outdoor Secrets (love it) and would not need Hours…to do Outdoor Secrets.  And, it is totally okay to do Outdoor’s instead of 106 Days since your kids are  little, but I would definitely recommend it for your next school year.  HTH



    Yeah you!  It looks like you have dedicated your time to planning it out.  It looks good to me.  Enjoy this time and learning with your kids.  (Personally, we like the Exploring Creation books for science, along with related subjects of living books on occasion read at read-aloud time and bedtime.)  Keep your lessons short, fun, and focused.  Have you thought of doing a timeline or book of centuries or notebook or lapbook for history?  Choosing one may help with retention and understanding.  If you have any concerns as you get started, do not hesitate to post your question.  This is a great forum.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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