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    I have been considering curriculum for my five year old. He turnd five in October so I’m not in any hurry. Just trying to make the best choice! My Father’s World has been at the top of my list until recently. After reading a lot of good reviews I found some that also said that MFW wasn’t very claer for the teacher (which I am afraid I will need!) and I am a KJV user and looked at a sample of MFW and saw they use NIV. I know that could be a quick fix (alteration) but I’m not sure. Most curriculum’s that are strictly KJV are very rigid LONG day schooling! I do not want that. I found Heart of Dakota. It seems more laid out for the teacher. Does anyone know what translation they use? Do they print it on their material if it’s not KJV? Thanks for your help and sorry if I’m confusing. 🙂


    My suggestion would bs to use KJV alongside a plan similar to that in the Early Years Guide at:

    Especially if your son isn’t reading, consider that as the focus of the year and enjoy the process. Those of us who stressed the extras early on, found that reading instruction had to carry on for a much longer time because of too many other things taking away from the most necessary subject.




    As far as the teacher’s guides being laid out clearly, here is my opinion, for what it is worth:

    1. Heart of Dakota is laid out the best, but we found the book choices ‘dry’ (i.e. boring).

    2. My Father’s World is laid out well, and the book choices were still a little ‘dry’.

    3. Sonlight – soooo much work and not friendly to combining subjects. This may not be an issue for you, but it was for us.

    Using the SCM guide is perfect for us and we love the book choices (though I still supplement with things I happen to like). To me, it is the best overall program and the most ‘do-able’ for our family.

    Please keep in mind that you won’t get a scripted lesson with any of these programs. They will give you a few pointers, but if you are looking for “Say: blah, blah, blah” then you aren’t really going to get too much of that.

    I have learned that my husband and I are really the best custom curriculum designers for our children :).


    I would look at one of the CM style homeschool plans that are free, instead of a packaged product.  Ones to look up…

    Simply Charlotte Mason’s free curriculum guide

    Ambleside Online

    Old Fashioned Education

    and there are others out there too….


    We used HOD before switching to SCM’s history guides.  We really loved it…I mainly switched to keep my DC together for more subjects.  As I recall, the lesson plans just gave us the chapter and verses, so you can use any translation you like.  I loved reading straight from the Bible (which is another plus for SCM too)!  Some of the music CDs would have other translations, so you could skip them.  One of the CDs does use KJV.  HOD is also very teacher-friendly.  It gave me much confidence in planning my own curriculum.


    I haven’t used any of those programs but I do know many families who use MFW K and then do a more eclectic program for grades 1-12.


    epi kardis looks good too – tho a tad pricey in my eyes…but definitely appealing!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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