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  • jenhorsfall

    I’m just curious if anyone does both “Outdoor Secrets” AND Nature studies or do we do one or the other?  I have the OS set and the Handbook of Nature Studies.  Is it normal to schedule 1 lesson from each per week?  


    We do Outdoor Secrets, as well as general nature studies (we don’t have that handbook). We’re doing one chapter of Outdoor Secrets a week, so the two or three lessons will be in that week. We then do unscheduled nature study that is led by the season, or interest, or possibly to coincide with being in a different city.

    Hope that helps,



    We do both as well.


    We do nature study as a family and my youngest is also doing outdoor secrets and the companion as an individual subject.


    jill smith

    Hi ladies,

    Iam interested inusing Outdoor Secrets this year but am wondering if I can use jt with a 6 &9 yr old? Would like to keepthe younger ones together. If not do you have any ssuggestions? I alsohave a boy 12that I would like 3to Iinclude too. I did get him a few books for reading off tbe list for Science Gentle Ben ect. Thanks for the help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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