Narrating straight from the bible?

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  • Mamasong

    My husband and I want our children to understand what God is communicating to them through the bible. We were both asked to memorize scripture when we were children, but we didn’t understand what we were saying, just mimicking back pleasant words to please our parents, sunday school teachers, etc. Does anyone here ask their children to narrate straight from the bible beyond the old testament and gospel narratives, but from more difficult genre such as poetry or letters? If so, what version have you found to be best for enabling understanding on a child’s level of what the author is communicating (putting the hay where the lambs can eat it)? Thanks! Rachel 😀

    Sonya Shafer

    That’s exactly what we have the students do in the new Romans Bible study. They work their way through Romans paragraph by paragraph, defining any unknown or key words, then narrating each paragraph.

    (And I love your word picture of “putting the hay where the lambs can eat it.” 🙂 )


    Thanks for the Romans study suggestion Sonya, I’ll definitely check it out! I love that word picture too. My husband frequently talks about “putting the hay where the sheep can eat it” referring to adult biblical studies, so I tweaked “sheep” to “lambs” and thought it very appropriate!

    Rachel 🙂


    LOVE your word pic, too, Rachel! 🙂 We always ask ourselves and dc after reading scripture “What is God saying about Himself in this passage?” and “What is He saying about you?” This has made the Word of God much more personal and has given us a spring board for discussion, narration & prayer.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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