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    I hope it is o.k. that I put my list on here.  So many people have been asking and I am getting confused who I have sent it to and I don’t want to miss someone.  So here it is.

    you can contact my by PM.




    Winter Promise:

    Timeline in History: WinterPromise Publishing. NEW $10.00, set of two

    Christian Cultural Values for Kids, one page erased, $7.00

    The United States of America, A State By State Guide, $3.50

    American Culture Magazine -New From WP $7.00, (I have two sets)

    Chicago History for Kids, Hurd , $5.00


    Kennedy Assassinated! The World Mourns, $4.00


    Vocabulary from Classical Roots:

    Teacher’s Guide and Answer key Level B $4.00

    Level 4, 2 pages erased . $3.00

    Level B, $4.00


    Music and Art

    The Best of Beethoven; Signature Series – New this is $40.00, I am asking $10.00

    Classical Materpieces: The Best of Mozart-$3.00

    A companion CD to The Young Brahms, Franz Schubert

    Best of the Millennium. Top 40 Classical Hits. $3.00

    An Introduction to the Classics, The Story of Beethoven in words and music, $3.00

    From dover:Cassatt Art Activity Pack- NEW $7.00

    From Dover:Monet Art Activity Pack-This one is opened and has one picture colored. everything else is there. (16 art stickers, art tattoos, and coloring book)-$7.00

    Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, $2.00

    Atelier Art Program, Level 6 Modules A, B and C NEVER USED! Sells for 155.00, asking $90.00 or offer




    I Have a Dream The Story of MartinLuther King by Margaret Davidson $2.00

    Landmark Books: The American Revolution $2.00

    Essential Literary Terms: A brief Norton guide, Sharon Hamilton $3.00

    Calliope: The Black Death, $2.00

    Little Men Classic Starts Hardback $2.00

    Little Women, Classic Hardback with book jacket, $5.00

    Shades of Grey, Reeder, $2.00

    Shadow Spinner, Fletcher, $2.00

    Blue Jasmine, Kashmira Sheth. (ex library book). $1.00

    John Grisham book for kids “Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer”. $2.00

    The Great Gatsby, $.3.00

    The Secret Garden, $2.00

    Iron Scouts of the Confederacy Lee McGiffin, $3.00

    The Invisible Friend, $3.00


    Foreign Language

    Latin for Children Primer A 3DVD set +2Chant CD, $20.00

    Latin for Children Answer Key, Primer A $3.00 (worn cover, I used this a lot!!)

    Latin History Reader for use with Primer A, $4.00

    Latin Clash Cards for Primer A (flashcards) , $5.00

    French 2 for Christian Schools Student Text BJU, $5.00

    French 2 for Christian Schools Teacher’s Edition, $4.00

    French 2 Activity Manual Teacher’s Edition $4.00

    French 2 Cassette Tapes, Free with purchase of other French 2 materials

    French 1 Textbook, BJU (pencil marks) $4.00

    French 1 C.D.’s. 9 C.D.’s for chapters 1-18. $10.00

    Latin in the Christian Trivium Volume 1 Package: Textbook, teacher guide, volume 1 activity book, study sheets and drill sheets, pronunciation c.d. Sells for over 115.00, asking $40.00



    Never Before In History, Amos and Gardiner, $8.00

    DK History of the World 1994 edition, $1.50

    DK Smithsonian Children’s Encyclopedia of American History, 2003 NEW $10.00

    Layfayette and the American Revolution, Russell Freedman, Hardback $7.00

    Morning Star of Reformation Andy Thomson, $3.00

    How the U.S, Government Works, Syl Sobel, $2.00

    President Elections and other cool fact, Syl Sobel, $2.00

    The U.S. Constitution and You, Syl Sobel, $2.00

    Time Travelors: The American Revolution: $5.00

    The Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History, 2000 Edition, Binding was taped, $5.00

    The Everything American Presidents Book, Kelly. (2007) $2.00

    Beautiful Feet U.S. And World History, 1st Edition. $3.00

    Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold, Jean Fritz. $2.00

    The Light and the Glory, Peter Marshall, David Manuel, $2.00

    The Story of Liberty Study Guide, $2.00

    The Hallelujah Lass, Wendy Lawton (cover worn) $1.00

    Sherwood Ring, Elizabeth Marie Pope, (Sonlight title). $2.00

    The Day Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Shot, A Photo History, Jim Haskins, (cover worn) $2.00

    Layfayette and the American Revolution, Russell Freedman, Hardback $8.00


    Writing and Grammar

    Writing with Skill Level 1 Instructor and Student book (student book has 6 pages of pencil erased)$17

    The Lively Art of Writing, $2.50

    English 5, Rod and Staff Teacher’s Edition, $ 5.00

    Winston Grammar Teaching book and 2 sets of Cards, $4.00

    How To Teach Spelling, Educators Publishing Service. Teachers Guide and Work book 3 (4th-6th grade-I have 2 workbooks.) $10.00

    Practice Town Michael Clay Thompson, Teacher Manual, $4.00

    Writer’s Inc. by Write Source(1996) $1.00

    IEW Advanced Communication Series, 4 C.D. , Lesson plans and Handouts $40.00

    IEW Teaching Writing: Structure and Style Seminar Book with Binder, $8.00

    Lightning Lit and Comp. American Lit: Early-Mid 19th Cetury. Students guide and Answer Key $8.00

    Spelling Workout B, one word in ink, $3.00

    Total Language Plus The Cricket in Times Square, $4.00 2 copies



    Math u See Zeta Teacher book- $3.00

    Abeka 5 Arithmetic

    Answer Key, $2.00,- Quizzes, Tests, and Speed Drills, $2.00 – Teacher Quiz, Test and Speed Drill Key, $2.00

    Abeka 6 Arithmetic: Worktext Solution 4th Edition, $3.00, Student quizzes, tests and speed drills, $2.00, Answer key for quizzes and tests, $2.00




    Smithsonian Institution: Animal The Definitive Visual Guide to the World’s Wildlife, 2005. $5.00

    Electricity and Electronics Technology 7th Edition. Buban,, $4.00

    Holt Science and Technology, Earth Science (2007)Teacher’s Edition, $3.00

    Holt Science and Technology Interactive Reader and Study Guide Earth Science, $2.00 (I have 2)

    BJU Science 6:

    Student Test and Key, 3.00

    Student Text, worn covers, $2.00 each

    Answer Key Activity manual $5.00

    Teachers edition Science 6 $7.00, or the whole thing for $15.00 plus shipping.


    The Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Physics, $4.00

    Earth Science and Astronomy for the Logic Stage, Elemental Science, Teacher’s Guide, $4.00

    The World of Physics, Tiner. One quiz erased and highlight on 1 page. $4.00

    Exploring Creation with Physical Science, Solution and Tests and Answer Key (2nd Edition)$4.00

    Exploring Creation with Physical Science (Apologia) Audio Book- Sells for 30.00, asking $15.00

    Primary Scale from Delta, NEW. $2.50 Collection=N&prodID=1456&gclid=CKuBy-iV878CFQQwaQodJkUAgQ

    Anatomy and Physiology 2nd Edition, Bruce J. Colbert, $5.00




    Discovering Who I am in Christ, Deeper Roots-(Jan L. Harris and Howard & Bonnie Lisech) Student book (first 5 pages erased) and Teacher’s Guide. $8.00

    NIV Compact Bible Commentary, John H. Sailhammer, $3.00

    NIV “The Daily Bible” In Chronological Order 365 Daily Readings with Devotional Insights, $3.00

    The Case for Faith, Lee Stobel, Student Edition, $1.00

    In His Steps, Sheldon.(hardback) $5.00

    Against His Will, Castleberry. $3.00

    Bible Study for All Ages: Teachers Guide, Unit 1. With binder. some highlighting on page 1. $8.00



    Odds n Ends

    College without Compromise, Wightman. $1.00

    Spectrum Reading Grade 6, (Standardized Test Prep.) $1.00

    Direct Hits Core Vocabulary of the SAT, Volume 1, $3.00

    Vocabulary Cartoons SAT Word Power, $4.00

    Finding the Career That Fits You-(Natural Behavior Sheet is filled in, otherwise good) $7.00 (from SL)

    Critical Thinking: Reading Dectective A1, The Critical Thinking Company Grades 5-6, $2.00

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