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    My kids were highly motivated to read a lot for the library summer reading program.  They earned entries in drawings for a prize…for toys or a gift card (for a well-known toy store).  And after the program ended, their reading time went way down.  But they did set their own goals for the program and each met their goal.  So I guess toys are highly motivating.

    I have also rewarded with a dinner out in a restaurant with only that child and myself.  This helps build up our relationship also.  You could see a movie or go to other places you would enjoy on a mommy (or daddy) and me date.  This was motivating, healthy, and practical.

    I think my dd gets overwhelmed if I give her too long of a list.  She thinks it will take all day and doesn’t see an end to it.  It doesn’t help any that time seems to go by quickly when we enjoy the task and goes by more slowly when we don’t like it.  It may be only an hour’s worth of chores, but she can drag it out to three hours if I don’t guide her.  I have her set a timer sometimes for her to watch her time and it is like a game to finish before the timer ends.  It can help to give several lists like one for morning, another before dinner and another before bed.  I have more success if I make the list for myself to refer to and tell her one at a time what to do and how long to set the timer.


    One of my kids greatest motivations is free time. If we get school (or chores) done quickly we have time for fun. Playing, running through the sprinkler on a warm day, going for a bike ride, playing board games, going on adventures (to the zoo, museum, special movie…)

    Growing up being HSed extra time was a big motivation! In highschool we were able to work part time because school was done and we still had time for visiting with friends.

    I think working toward a goal or prize can help many kids. I know even asan adult when I worked, before kids, working towards a vacation was big motivation. Knowing that working hard would have a reward of vacation days.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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