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    If you have a morning time/basket, what do you include in it? Do you try to get to everything in it everyday, or use a loop schedule?

    Thanks in advance!


    I asked something similar earlier 🙂 My “plan” is to do a Morning Basket time with breakfast, and do the following:

    Catechism and a Family Read Aloud daily

    Then loop through the following(just a list, I haven’t worked out our order yet). It’s a big loop, but I figure we can get at least 2 things done a day, so that makes it a one week loop:

    A Child’s Book of Prayer through Art (picture study)
    Drawing lesson (Designing with Pixar)
    French (using rhymes, songs etc)
    Story of the Orchestra
    Saints Tell Their Stories
    The Rosary with Mary
    Hymn Study
    Poetry Study
    Aesop’s Fables

    I plan on allowing 30-40 minutes for Morning Basket. I plan on doing it right at the breakfast table, then we’ll go get dressed, make beds etc… and start in with our lessons.



    Ours has varied over the years. Last year it was:

    Read 1 article aloud

    Then we rotated a loop of other things for our last morning basket item:

    Picture study
    Composer study
    Fairy tale

    I’m still working out this year’s plan. Most likely it will be something like this:

    Poetry to recite
    Learning about a state

    Then a loop of the following, we would do 1-2 per day after learning about our state of the day:

    Picture study
    Composer study
    Bedtime Math
    Ohio short story (I have animal tales and hero tales for this)
    Grammar Minute (some grammatical info of the week, could be anything)
    Literary Element Minute (read a short passage from a book we’ve been reading and explain what literary element it’s showing – such as personification, setting, hyperbole, assonance, etc)


    Ours will have all our “extras” that I don’t want to schedule into the rest of our day.

    Daily: Read aloud a picture book or chapter of a chapter book, recite memory work

    Everything else: LDTR for Children, Harmony Fine Arts, chalk pastels, Paper Sloyd, Compass Drawing, Nature Friend articles, logic puzzles

    I haven’t decided what kind of schedule to use.  I’m toying with the idea of letting them choose what to do next.  Maybe they could take turns choosing the next selection.


    After breakfast clean up and chaos we sit down at the dining room table for our morning.  I have a basket of colored pens/pencils, markers, stickers and a sketch book for each kid (9,8,5,3).  We loop through Bible/character/scripture mem., daily hymn, daily history.

    After this I spend 15-20 mins with the youngest 2 to fill their love tanks.

    Snack has us back in the kitchen and we sit again to do science or geography, and an arts loop.

    The little 2 do an audiobook or quiet play while I work independently with the older 2.

    Prior to this set up everyone was all over the place…even in different rooms and I was doing too much crowd control.  This is working out so much nicer.


    We have done this for years before I knew if was a “thing” and to call it the Morning Basket!

    We do our prayer time and bible reading and memory verses at breakfast at the table.

    After breakfast is cleaned up and chores are done, we move to the family room, get comfy, and do a few things in the basket.

    Every day is a hymn or folk song, poetry, and a read aloud and history readings if there are any. I usually spend a few casual minutes on a root word from English from the Roots Up or a Think-a Gram or similiar logic/critical thinking resource.

    Then there is one or two “extras”.  Usually, I follow this pattern,

    Monday is composer study, Tuesday artist, Wednesday we are not at home as we do Community Bible Study, Thursday is Shakespeare or Plutarch, and Friday is current event discussions. These are not exhaustive lessons.  Simple and CM friendly. Narrations happen spontaneously then and all throughout the day and week.

    This really only takes about 30 minutes. Unless we go off on a fun tangent, which happens once in a while.  Sometimes I find a great youtube piece or a documentary and we watch it as part of this time which makes it go longer.  This is a casual, warm, relaxed part of the day.  It is my favorite part of the day.

    Next comes the individual studies of math, etc… We sometimes gather back in the early afternoon or late evening for a nature walk or to use one of SCM great resources like Outdoor Secrets.  Can’t wait to begin Pond and Stream in a few weeks as we have just moved to a wonderful neighborhood with our own little pond and stream right our our back door!

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