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    Here are my plans so far for my Year 1 and 3 students starting in the fall…. Open to comments…

    Individual:    Year 1 / Year 3

    Math – MEP continue where we leave off

    Handwriting – Peterson Directed (cursive first option) – Step 1 / Step 3 and Step 3 Word Masters.  Copywork from Readings

    Violin – Continue Suzuki at level (if we can… sigh)

    Reading Practice – Christian Nature Reader – book 1  / Book 2

    RA Literature – Little House in the Big Woods   /    Little House on the Prairie

    Indiv Scriptures to read alone – TBD  Reader  (using the Readers from the church)

    Family (or subjects from Years 1-3 together)

    History – ??????  (see my ARGH post)  – CHOW

    Biography / Historical Fiction – ??????

    Gorgraphy – ????  possibly a Holling C Holling Book?  Something to match the History?  Canadian ???

    Scriptures – Scripture Memory continues.   also Penny Gardner Stories Scriptures… which book?  tied to history?  ?????

    German – Continue Pimsleur.  Review “First Step” series?  something to start reading?  Also continue listening to the New Testament Reader in German??  ???

    Picture Study – Artists TBD…  3 World, 3 Canadian

    Folk Songs / Music / Composer Study – TBD?

    Hymns / Childrens Songs – TBD – 1 per month?  2 per term?

    Literature – Just David, Understood Betsy, Heidi.  Several Aesop Fables. 6 Fairy Tales from Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know    More Added if Needed

    Poetry – TBD  – 2 World, 1 Canadian

    Shakespeare – Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare (6 plays in the year)

    Science – topic – Animals  – Burgess Animal Book.  By Pond and River.  maybe “About Animals” from the Childcraft Series    (or maybe another topic with different books…. still not 100% decided)

    Nature Study – try to do the Nature Study Challenge blog this year

    Phys Ed – continue Swim Lessons at the Y

    Drawing – ???


    So, I know a lot of things are TBD…. but any thoughts?  suggestions?


    Just thought I’d say… I’ve figured out our Artists for the coming year….

    I figured I’d check the website for the local art gallery… and there is a temporary display coming in the spring of 2012… Norman Rockwell!  Boy am I thrilled!  Guess who one of the artists is going to be?  lol.

    So – For World Artists…

    Giotto  (I’m eyeing the new portfolio… lol)

    da Vinci

    Norman Rockwell

    For Canadian Artists..

    Emily Carr

    Paul Peel

    Inuit Art (not a specific artist… but style of carvings etc.  again, the Art Gallery has a permanent display.)



    Just wondering why you are not combining your kids for year 1 and year 3? Or do you mean grades 1 &3? Seems like it would make your life easier to combine them….

    🙂 Just my opinion.


    Year 1 and Year 3 is Grade 1 and Grade 3…  

    I’ve combined them for almost every subject…    

    They are seperate for:

    Math (he is in math 2a, she is in math 1b),

    Handwriting/Copywork (he can write, although it needs improvement…, she can’t clearly write any letters… although she does “print” when she wants (often backwards… sigh)  

    Reading Practice

    1 book.  (my son has already had read to him the first 2 books in Little House…. I tend to read him the 3rd, and my daughter the 1st…)

    All the rest of that was together.


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