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    Ok.. So I am seeing that many of you use many things for Geography. I have been looking at all these and loving each in there own way.

    This is a 2 part question: It looks like many of you must then get these books and read to (or have them read) your children. This and looking at maps, globes etc. This is your geo time. I love this about CM! How do you find good books like Holling? How did you learn about him? I just don’t know where to start with things like this.

    Part 2: I am someone who needs LOTS of direction with science, geo and history the rest are a breeze for me. So I am using Sonya’s handbooks! So my question is maybe more for Sonya I know these are just guides but using Vol 2 w/ Module 2.. how much will we loose if we do something else? Especially if it’s not related to what we are learning in history?

    I love this site for this reason I can ask questions & I am sure to get tons of responses no matter what your feelings! Thanks for being honest.


    Sonya Shafer

    I think you should use the Geography that interests you most and fits your family best, Misty. You can easily locate on the globe the countries and regions that you read about in any and every subject. So don’t get hung up on having to coordinate the history/Bible with the geography exclusively. The main thing is to make it a habit to look up on the map or globe the areas you read about in any book.

    You could easily do the Then and Now Bible Maps parts of the lesson plans to make sure the children understand the locations they’re studying in Bible and History, but do a completely different Geography book if you want to. No problem at all.

    Pick one you will enjoy and be enthused about and that attitude will be catching. 🙂


    To answer your first question, we use Ambleside Online for great geography books. I had never heard of Holling books before AO. We read all the Holling books and are now reading Marco Polo- the kids are learning so much and they are loving it.


    I second Ambleside for book ideas. I originally read about the Holling books on Valerie’s Living Books website. There are a lot of terrific books here on the Bookfinder.

    Misty, you can do this! It doesn’t have to be terribly complicated. It can be just finding a good book to read, looking up a few outline maps on the internet, printing them, and following Minn down the Mississippi, or marking Lewis and Clark’s travel route, or Marco Polo’s—the idea really is just to capture the child’s interest in “where”. Then, when you encounter a place in a book, look it up. Look up some pictures from that place. Maybe make a recipe. Ta-da! Instant geography. 🙂

    Michelle D


    Thanks for your confidence in me Bookworm it made my heart melt. Also, to everyone for the great advice.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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