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    So I am thinking of holding off in Spanish for awhile.  I really starting thinking about a previous post where someone mentioned that right now Latin would make more sense with grammar and Spanish in high school when they will need the credits. 

    I was planning on starting with Latina Christina 1 (hope I spelled that right?).  What suggestions if you’ve used this program would you suggeset.  I know nothing of Latin (other than a few hymns we sing at church).  I will really need a step by step layout and a good way of “hearing” the words, either DVD, CD etc.

    Also, what age’s would you feel this is good for?  And what does  your days with LC1 look like.

    Thanks MIsty

    Rachel White

    There are several previous posts about LC1. Since it’s been kinda quiet regarding this post, try searching through the forum using LAtin or Latina Christitiana as key words? I think you’ll get most of what your looking for, maybe even the scheduled day stuff.

    I can answer that Latiana Christiana ages, sort of; according to Memoria Press, LC1 can be started as early as 3rd-4th grade. I don’t know; how old are yours again?




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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