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    We are coming to a close with our Monet artist study. It’s been really delightful since not only is the art wonderful to look at, but it often tied in nicely with our nature studies. I love it when things overlap like that!

    Here is a page that should help another CM HSer wanting to do a Monet study. I hope it will help someone else just starting out with artist study.



    Thank you, Jimmie! I always love your squidoo pages! 🙂


    I’m just going back through some old posts to see if I can organise my brain for the new year. We are starting Monet, so this is AWESOME!! Thank you!!

    I just stumbled across this post and I’m so happy! We are just now getting ready to do Monet! Thank you so much!


    So glad that it’s helpful to you all!

    I’ve got some more now:





    I came across your post here after having already found your Squidoo lenses.  I’ve enjoyed all of them I’ve read (even squatty potty LOL).  The Monet and other artist ones are great as I had recently picked up “Linnea in Monet’s Garden” to use for art study this fall.  Your page was so helpful in adding another dimension to it. Thank you!  P.S. I’m a mom to one DD(8) too!

    What wonderful pages, thanks for sharing! 

    Thanks! We are doing Monet right now with Taschen prints from Barnes and Noble. This is a wonderful addition!


    This is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.




    I just found this and I am ecstatic!  I am definately going to use these resources for this upcoming year.  Thanks so much for providing us with these 🙂




    Jimmie – you are amazing.  Thank you for sharing your creativity with us so generously.



    If you live near a major city I suggest calling up some of the art museums to see if they have any Monets or if they ever expect to have a traveling one.  My daughter LOVES Monet and I thought the closest place to see one was in Chicago (we’re in Nebraska) then I went to a Nebraska Visitor’s Center Expo and the museum in Omaha was giving away FREE art cards – so of course I asked if I could get one for each child and then she happened to mention that they are having an impressionist exhibit travel there this SUMMER!!!  with SIX monets, but even better – they house TWO permanently – I had no idea Omaha would house a Monet…. I mean I know he painted a lot, but still! 

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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