Module 6 for Younger Students?

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    Hello everyone! I need some help making a decision about what we should use starting in January.

    My older kids (dd12, ds10) are ready to study the late nineteenth and twentieth century. They are more or less independent learners now. However, I have 3 little guys (5,7,& 9yo)and I am just not sure if I should move them into those time periods because of the difficult subject matter.

    Has anyone done Module 6 with younger kids? Are there pros or cons?

    I hate to split up the family study of the same time period, but I am thinking of giving the older kids Module 6 and doing a year of ‘skimming’ world history and geography with the younger kids. I have soooo many books that we coud use. Is that a terrible idea?

    Suggestions appreciated!!

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