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    I have a question about map drills in Module 2. We have been doing weekly map drills of the Middle East, as suggested in Module 2. Ds7 can already label a blank map correctly, without any help, except with spelling the countries’ names. Am I supposed to keep handing him the blank map even though he knows it well? Or, do we stop the Middle East map drills until it’s time to move to the next region? Or, do we go ahead and move on to learning the next region even though the history lessons aren’t there yet?

    I don’t want to be redundant with him, so I really don’t know what I’m to do. I’ve never had this happen before…I’m really a proud mommy!

    Any ideas?



    Well, I would be more inclined to keep the geography and the history lessons together. Last year we did module 2 and my ds had a great time making a “flag book” of the middle east. This was just something extra that we did but it would also be a good thing to do if you are ready for something more than just map drill but do not want to leave the region that you are studying. I just printed off a coloring page of each country’s flag and then had the kids color them in with the proper colors and lable them. We learned some interesting facts along the way (such as which countries keep changing their flags!) and ds has a nice binder full of middle eastern flags glued to construction paper. Maybe you could do something like that? Just a thought. It’s a fun problem to have, I think! Good for your son…some of those countries have difficult names to remember!





    That is a FANTASTIC idea! Why can’t I ever think of cool stuff like that?? That is just what I’ll do. I’ll get printing right now! Thank you!


    Glad I could help! Have fun!



    Another idea is to have him learn to draw the region freehand (especially good if he likes drawing and coloring anyway) and then label the countries’ names.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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