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    This might be a dumb question – but then again, if I don’t ask, I’ll never know what you all think!

    Today life interrupted school.  We got most everything done except for reading our chapter (ch. 3) in Stories of the Nations. So, tomorrow (well, not tomorrow, but the next day we do school) should we read ch. 3 in STories of the Nations (even though my 4th grader got her assigned history reading done)?  Or should we read ch. 3 and 4? or just skip 3?  

    Or just not think about it so much??? I’m afraid I’m feeling the strain of canning tomatoes and peaches the last few days and looking at freezing corn tomorrow! I’m tired!



    If it were my family, I’d read Chapter 3 on Monday.  As in, just do what you missed and continue moving forward.  If you can get ch. 4 done too, awesome.  If not, do what you can and do the next lesson the next day.


    That’s what I’ll do – I like to make things harder than they need to be!  I think it’s the green beans that  I just remembered I need to work with! *L*

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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