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    I may not be understanding the modules correctly since we haven’t officially started SCM and I’m still getting organized with it, so please let me know if that’s the case.  It occurred to me today that if I start Module 1(the first time we’ve done SCM) in June, my son who will be 7 then, won’t ever get to read some great books like D’Aulaire’s Leif the Lucky, George Washington, (and other SCM suggested books) etc. because by the time we get to Modules 4-6 he won’t be in 1st-3rd grade.  (And the same for his next two younger siblings).  If I’m understanding that right, do you all ever read extra(although it seems there isn’t a whole lot of extra time in the day sometimes!) or just assign those independently even though they might be from a different time period in history?  Hope that made sense, thanks!


    I honestly had never even HEARD of some of these books before I started homeschooling, and I certainly never read them when I was little.  So when we started doing TruthQuest History, and we came across some great books like D’Aulaire’s Leif the Lucky, George Washington and other wonderful living books that came our way.   I (at 25) read them and LOVED them.  My now 4th grader son, still picks up books that are way below his reading level, just to read them because he enjoys the books.  He will join us for his 1st grade sisters books sometimes because they are good books and that is the wonderful thing about living and classic books – they are wonderful to read whatever your age!!  Have the books available, and your kids will read them – even if it isn’t assigned for a lesson!


    I agree with Laura.bora.  And, I have read many of the books myself just because they’re so good:)

    My oldest (11) has ‘missed’ out on certain books, too. We began Module 5 and he is in 6th grade (5th at the time) so of course he isn’t reading the books listed for 1-3, but just having them available to be read at any given time has taken care of that.  He still enjoys picture books, if anything, for the pictures and the way the character(s) is described in the book for the lower grade level. 

    I would just leave them out to be read/thumbed through and they will eventually be enjoyed by all of your children.  Also, I don’t worry about the ‘order’ the extras are read in….that’s what a timeline is for (at least for us anyway).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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