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    I am an admitted bibliophile. I collect books and book lists. I admit it. Here I will share some of my resource lists here with friends who’ve asked me for them. Happy reading!

    SCM Module Bible, History & Geography Booklists – These are pdf files with all resources listed with applicable notes. I will add these as I complete them. Eventually, I will do all of the SCM subject modules in similar fashion and share them here. Currently, I’ve finished Module 4. 

    Ambleside Online, Higher Up & Further In and Honey for a Child’s Heart Master Booklist – pdf file of all selections from the above resources; my go-to list when I need an extra book or a replacement book.

    Book List for Boys Who’d Rather Make Forts Than Read

    Historical Fiction List – arranged by civilization/country and age of child; I’ve not gone through this one carefully myself, but share it anyway.

    1000 Good Books List – sorted by reading level and by author

    Series Books – This is the place you can buy all those classic series books that you read as a kid. Includes Nancy Drew, Landmark Books and much, much more! Great resource as a list or for buying.

    Jim Arnosky Book List – great living science books

    Heritage History – lots of great public domain living history books available to read online and some for purchase, I think. Arranged by civilization/culture – FABULOUS WEBSITE!

    Happy Hollisters – guide to this series and list of the books

    Favorite Children’s Books – Heather Idoni’s personal recommendations for the best children’s books ever written. Some gems here.

    Shakespeare’s Complete Works – in pdf

    Beloved Books – great books and audiobooks for purchase or reference list; Our all time favorite audiobook series The Sugar Creek Gang can be purchased here. 

    OK, that covers most of my various book lists. I hope they are helpful and useful to some who’ve asked me for them and not overwhelming to others.



    Fantastic Christie!!!  Truly wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing.  Here’s a cyber hug!! 

    many blessings,



    I think it’s very kind how you are so willing to share your hard work with us! Thank you!



    You’re my hero.




    I love books and book lists…this is wonderful.

    My CM radar is getting better, I already had the “fort” list and I’ve created some of my own, but not near as detailed.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    I’m happy to share and there’s no use in re-inventing the wheel each time for any of us!

    I’ll put the SCM lists up as I finish them.Smile


    Thanks SO much for sharing!!


    I’ve completed SCM History Module 2 and posted it at box.net

    SCM Module Book Lists 

    Please note that all of the notes in the SCM Module lists are from the Family Handbooks and were written by Sonya Shafer. I did not use quotations due to space constraints, but all credit is due Sonya.Smile

    Rachel White

    Thank you Christie. I, too love lists. I don’t break them down into ages unless they already appear that way (like my SCm and AO list), though. That’s very good; I’m not computer savvy to rearrange things and make topic headings and such. I just print a specific “collection” or author and all the books and mark off with the highlighter as we go. For example, my dd wants to read the Thornton Burgess books, so I request them from the library from my printed list and then as she finishes, it gets higlighted. I’ve discovered over the years that there are certain authors I can depend on and those I really want my children to read through the years-without a list they may miss one!!

    Thanks for sharing your hard work!



    Thank you!  These lists look fabulous.


    Oh my goodness, Christie, thank you, thank you!  This is exactly what I need.  A thousand thanks to you for sharing!  🙂



    I forgot a FABULOUS resource – Valerie’s Living Books – there are tons of great lists here.

    Happy to share.Laughing




    You are most welcome. Smile


    Wow, I am sending this to the head of the ‘class’ So many great links thanks so much Christie!

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