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    My sons are 7.5yo. We tried RightStart A last year and didn’t progress past lesson 15. I think it was too all over the place for me. The woman who tested them last year suggested we try MathUSee so I got Alpha. One son has done well with that but the other, who has always struggled with numbers, is struggling again. If I ask him 3+1 his answers are all over the place. It isn’t intuitive at all. A friend recently suggested we try Miquon. I’d love to know the difference between the two programs, if anyone has used both. We have the blocks from MUS and use them, and we also have the Cuisenaire rods from Miquon bc before MUS I had thought about trying that program. The idea of the manipulatives seems similar to me so I’m not sure what the differences are in the program. I’m happy to move the struggler over the Miquon if I thought it would help! (He did make some improvements when we started MUS but now wonder if we’re going through too quickly as he doesn’t retain knowledge or understanding of math facts. I’d love your thoughts!


    Miquon and MUS are very different. Miquon is a discovery program where the student investigates the problems on the page to learn connections, patterns, concepts, etc. I do like Miquon but it is VERY different than a traditional math program so that is a little hard to get used to. 



    I want to agree with what HiddenJewel said.  Miquon and MUS are totally different programs with totally different approaches.  My 8.5 year old son sounds alot like yours with the answers being all over the place and the lack of retention.  I’ve used both Miquon and MUS with him and looking back, I think if we had stuck with it, Miquon would have worked, but the program was difficult for me to understand so I couldn’t help him very much.  MUS definitely did not work well for him.  

    I ended up going with Rays Arithmetic for a while which seemed to help, and then I switched to Life of Fred.  Life of Fred seems to be the only program so far that has helped him with retention and understanding.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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