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    Hi All-
    What do most of your do for middle school writing? What does Charlotte recommend? I have a daughter entering 7th grade in the fall…she does not like to write but is very good at it. I was thinking of having her write a 5 paragraph essay every two weeks on a topic of her choosing. Thoughts from those who have been through this stage? Thanks!

    Sonya Shafer

    Hi! Charlotte used a mixture of different kinds of narration for students your daughter’s age. You might take a look at the series we did on Narration Q & A, especially part 14 and part 15:
    Written Narration and Raising the Bar for older students.

    If your daughter knows how to do a five-paragraph essay, I don’t think you need her to practice that style of writing every two weeks. You could easily turn to some other possibilities—like diary entries, interviews, play scenes, newspaper articles—to keep variety in the mix. If she is headed to college, you could have her review that five-paragraph essay again her senior year.

    Just some ideas. Hope this helps!


    My 7th grader is using Apologias Writers in Residence. It’s a very gentle writing program that incorporates grammar and spelling in small doses.


    I am reading Brave Writer’s The Writer’s Jungle.  It has ideas to help me get my kids writing various projects.  They work on them once a week.  Poetry and good literature are emphasized as good models.  hs buyer’s coop has them discounted.


    We do two things:

    written narration about 1 a week starting in 4th grade, increasing as the get older.

    1 writing project a month (using Brave Writer methods and sometimes their materials too, this is very relaxed, fun, and spreads 1 project out over the whole month).


    We mostly did written narrations for middle school. This is the age when I saw the greatest improvement in my daughter’s writing skills from using CM language arts methods.

    I save more formal writing instruction for high school.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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