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    My son is heading into 7th grade soon, and I’m just wondering what your middle schoolers schedules look like? 


    This is our 7th/8th schedule.  


    My son is in 6th.  This is his plan:


    Math – Teaching Textbooks (30 min/day)
    Science – Noeo Chem II as a family
    History/Geography – daily readings from Module 1, as well as independent readings
    Reading – book club selection as well as book for Boomerang (which we use for dictation)
    Dictation – 1x/week
    Written Narrations – 2x/week
    Foreign Language – with Rosetta Stone or Mango 2x/week
    Piano – Children’s Music Journey 2x/week
    Sketch – 1x/week
    Nature Journal – 1x/week
    Timeline entry – 1x/week
    Commonplace entry – 1x/week

    My 12YO also does Boy Scout Merit Badge work each day (about 30 minutes worth). 

    Also, once a week we have a memory co-op similar to Classical Conversations), where he covers basic information for eight subjects.


    My dd was in 7th last year and did something like:

    Devotional book

    Math-U-See Pre-Algebra

    Apologia General Science

    SCM Module 1 for History/Geo./Bible (family readings and independent readers on her own)

    Spelling Wisdom

    Jump-In Writing

    Analytical Grammar

    Independent Literature reading

    Together w/younger brother: Scripture Memory System(4 days). Fallacy Detective/Timeline/Artists and Composers/Poet(weekly). Though I was probably weak w/artist/composers/poets:(



    HTH some:) Blessings, Gina

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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