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    We do memorization of facts in our homeschooling like Bible verses, poems, math facts and such. I was wondering how you all organize your memory work. I really like how SCM files the Scripture verses to memorize. If you memorize for other subjects, do you use this system for those also?  How do you keep the different levels of learning clear with memory work…ex: math facts for a level 2 child versus math facts for a level 8 child. Do you have a file box for each subject or all subjects in one box?

    Secondly, when do you do your memory work – with each subject or all at once?

    Looking forward to hearing all your ideas!


    Well, we aren’t doing math facts or anything like that……

    but so far I have mixed the scriptures and the other things we are memorizing together…   So we may have a couple of things in the “new” section…  Some other things we have memorized have been scouting promise/law/motto/etc…, a poem about coins, etc.  

    I know of a family that has a memory box for each child instead of a family one, and I have been considering that, as I wonder how things will work when my toddler and baby get older and are included on the memorization.  I have envisioned having a box for each child, but sort-of reading them all together.  The card would get “advanced” when that particular child could recite it.  But maybe that would make it too complicated…..

    I could also see having a scripture box, and then another box for all other topics….

    I’m afraid I’m not much help… LOL!


    I tend to keep each child’s math fact memorizing things in their own basket – I have the flash cards and all the manipulatives for that person is using in it.  I have a master tub I pull those from.  In this way, I can easily get to each child’s without having to wait, and no frustration in seperating it every day.  That works for math since everyone is on different levels.  =)

    Our scripture memorization is all in one file box, and we do it together.  The other things depend on the subject and importance of the memorization.  Sometimes I do make a big copy of momory work and hang them on the wall or refrigerator since everyone sees that.  

    We also seperate the subjects to avoid burn-out and frustration (on all our parts).  =)


    We use a Scripture Memory Box as a family.  And we have a separate “other” memory box as a family.  I don’t include math facts here.  That is part of math time.  My kids are close in age, so I keep one box for them.  We have things like poems, facts, personal info. all mixed up.  So, there is some science, days of the week and months of the year, our address and ph. #, along with poetry.  We do this mix as its own subect called “Memory Box” on our schedule.  I have changed the order of when I use it during the day.  I also use a separate box for foreign language.


    We use the SCM system and use different colored cards for each subject we memorize (scripture/poetry/Greek voc./misc. like mottoes).  We do all of our memory work at one time.  My kids are 12 and 9 and memorize the same things.  We do math separately.  HTH some:)  Gina

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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