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    I am new to the Charlotte Mason Style teaching, but very excited to be starting it.  I am looking at two different math programs for my son who is currently in 8th grade.  Has anyone used Meaningful Math or Elementary Algebra by Harold R. Jacobs?  I am looking for something that will help my son understand Math better.  We have tried several different programs, but none seem to be working.  Any and all recommendations/comments would be greatly appreciated. Laughing







    I have never heard of either of those books, but I have another suggestion for you. We have been using Math-U-See for several months, and it has been so wonderful! I used to dread teaching math because I was never good at it. This program has made math so easy for my son. He isn’t even six, and he’s already through the first book–Primer. I am about to order the next book–Alpha. Also my sister-in-law has used several programs (with no success), and she is about to start Math-U-See with my nephew. He is almost seven and still at a preschool math level even though he’s in 2nd grade in all other subjects. I know your son is much older than ours, but the Math-U-See program goes all the way up to Calculus! I’m sure they have what you need.

    That is my recommendation. I hope you receive lots of helpful feedback, and I’m sure you will make the right choice!



    We love Math-U-See, too!  My kids (10 and 7) are mostly independent. We watch the dvd together, I help explain the new concept and then they pretty much go with it without much help from me the rest of the week.  Hope you find a good fit:)  Gina

    Karen Smith

    I haven’t used either Meaningful Math or Elementary Algebra. I have used Harold Jacobs’ geometry course, Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding. I chose Jacobs’ geometry because it is quite in-depth and, while not too difficult, it does require good logical thinking skills. The textbook is written to the student and contains all the instruction the student needs to complete the lesson. However, there were times when I was glad I have a strong math background as I had to explain some of the concepts to my children.

    Jacobs does a good job of connecting math to the real world and to history. He also adds a humorous touch by scattering math related comics throughout the book. The textbook provides answers to select problems so the answer book is required. Although it contains the answers to every problem, only the answer is provided with no detail on how to set up and work the problem. In comparison, Math-U-See shows how to set up and work the problems in the teacher’s manual.

    I don’t know how the geometry course compares to the algebra course but I would think that it is similar. 

    I hope that helps you at least a little bit. Sorry I haven’t used Elementary Algebra.

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