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    Have any of you tried the wooden storage case offered by mathusee to store two sets of manipulatives? If so, has it been helpful?


    We’ve used a much cheaper solution for several years now – a Stowaway Tackle Box. You can see pictures and read details in this post on my blog:

    The only thing that won’t fit are the hundreds blocks, which we keep in a small stack in a shoebox style tub. While everything could be dumped in a shoebox tub having the majority of the blocks sorted has been wonderful to speed up math.


    I used a plastic silverware utinsil organizer by Rubbermaid or Sterilite. Although there is no cover, it kept them organized. I put ones on the left bottom and twos on the right bottom slot. Then threes on the bottom right and fours on the top right and so on. All the tens fit on the long slot on the left (perhaps meant for butterknives). All the 100s went into shoebox style tub as Tristan did. I think I had the bigger double set because we have more blocks than what is shown in Tristan’s box.


    We are just in the beginning stages of MUS. I did purchase the box MUS has for the manipulatives. Although we will just be officially starting on Monday, I think this box will keep them nicely organized, but it is costly. Tristan’s box looks like a great alternative. I could have saved some money with that:)


    I ordered the blocks…and got the boxes. So I just reordered the blocks and decided to keep the boxes. I have to admit that storing them this way is great because they all fit, everyone has equal access during our math time, and store neatly on my shelf. They are nice, but pricey.

    If you can find a way to store them cheaper and have easy access to all the blocks, I would. 😉  My friend just kept hers in the box they came in, lol.


    Thanks for the comments. It’s nice to have an alternative option.


    We have them in a plastic container I got at the dollar store and that works fine for us!


    Yep…plastic container from the $ store.


    The cheapest solution is just the cardboard box.  We’ve had 3 boys using the blocks over 13 years.  Box is still fine.


    I just got a basic divider box at Ace Hardware. It holds 2 sets of blocks (except the 100 blocks) and was only $10. All the blocks are divided by number and it has a lid.

    It is 14x11x3 and can be divided into 18 sections if needed.

    It is like this one but the above size


    Yep we received a free Bass Pro clear container box and use that for our blocks (minus the hundreds). Just move the dividers around to fit!


    We’ve been using the cardboard box they come in.  It’s a pain to get everything back in place, but easy to tell if we are missing any blocks!  lol

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