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  • For those of you using Math U See, When would you recommend starting teh Alpha? I have a 4 year old son who’s knowledge of numbers and counting to 20 is great but thats as far as he goes. And he can’t write them  or anything for that matter yet. OK well he will be 4 next month. Anyways, my question is, at what point do you know that your child is ready to start?


    My daughter is 5 and we are doing the first in the series. Actually we are using the old MUS Introduction to Mathematics. Primer is the newer one and I would probably start your son on that instead of Alpha. As far as when to start I’m not sure. Hopefully someone else will chime in on that. Maybe do a trial run of it and if it’s not working out then wait a little longer to start him???


    my son started on primer at 4.  It works on writing numbers and understanding that a writen number is the same is the number of blocks (if that makes sence).  Works on shapes, starts the understanding of place value, starts simple addition, counting to 20, skip count by 2, addition of tens and hundreds, skip by 5, talling, making ten, telling time, simple subtraction.

    So I would say that you should start with primer.  Some will be very easy for you but it will be a HUGE help with the start of Alpha.  My 5yr old is in alpha and with the prior knowledge he’s doing well.  Without it, I don’t think it would be coming so easily.

    That’s just my opinion though so you’ll have to make that decision based on what you want to do. Misty


    I’ve never used the Primer  level.  I just waited until about 6ish and did Alpha.  Before that we just played games.  I “burned out” my oldest when he was young and clever, and I see no reason to start an official “book” so young.  All children are different, but I just couldn’t see spending money to do at 5 what would mostly have to be done again at 6.  JMHO.

    Very true!!! Thanks so much everyone!!!

    I started my older 2 children very young in math books; their Kindergarten year. My 3rd child didn’t start a formal math program until 3rd grade. We started with Beta. Until that point we did lots of hands on, natural math (cooking, counting, measuring, addition and subtraction using manipulatives). She jumped right into Math-U-See at the 3rd grade level. She is now in 6th grade and in Epsilon. I don’t see the burnout with her that I did with my older two.


    Very cool. I’ll just go with it then. I might use the primer but just here and there not have to do all the practices and what not. Just here and there to get the concepts…My son LOVES playing with my daughter’s manipulative so we’ve been doing that everyday…Just like blocks.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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