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    For hose who have done the Math U See upper level books — did you use them in the order they are shown on the website?  Or did you use the Stewardship one at a different point?  It kind of seems like it would be a better fit in later highschool.  Perhaps it’s listed in that place because not everyone does the upper level maths beyond that?  My older son is using Life of Fred at this point, but I wonder if it would be worth it to bring in the Stewardship book later in his high school years.

    My 4th grade is a month away from finishing Epsilon, and I am still debating whether or not to let him go ahead to Zeta as he wants to.  That would have him starting Pre-algebra in 5th — maybe that’s ok, haven’t really decided yet.  Another part of me thinks do the Pet shop Your Business Math for the rest of this year and start fresh with Zeta in 5th. 



    The Stewardship book could probably be done at any point.  It says solid math understanding and some Algebra is helpful.  So, any point in HS would be fine.


    You could let him do Zeta and then do some other fun maths for extra practice between the time he finishes that and when you want to start him in Pre-Algebra.  It sounds like he grasps math well and could probably do the Pre-Alg after Zeta fine, too.  If that is the case, then you could always add in something to challenge him a bit, too.  RightStart Geometry for the middle school level.


    From their site …

    Learn intermediate mathematics hands-on and visually through geometry. With a tool set consisting of a drawing board, T-square, triangles, compass, and goniometer, the child explores triangles, area, volume, ratios, Pythagorean theorem, tiling, and other geometry concepts. New concepts are taught while practicing arithmetic, fractions, and decimals. Student works independently.

    Ready to start with RightStart™ Mathematics Level G? This innovative approach for teaching middle school mathematics can be done without any prior experience with RightStart™ Mathematics or knowledge of the AL Abacus.

    Since the vast majority of middle school students are visual learners, approaching mathematics through geometry gives the student an excellent way to understand, remember concepts, and create deeper learning. Support is provided. Students are encouraged to contact Dr. Cotter directly with questions. Read more about this curriculum.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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