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    I have a just turned 7 yr old and just turned 8 yr old beginning math u see, my 7 is starting Alpha and 8 year old Beta.

    I am nervous, I have always been awful Math. Honestly, I still count with my fingers sometimes and I am always relying on a calculator, I also don’t have many math facts memorized. So, I’m wondering if I will really be able to teach this subject and if my children will turn out better at math than myself.

    Using this curriculum will they memorize math facts and not need to count on fingers? How do the manipulatives help? So far, I feel worried that they use the manipulatives all the time. They love them and they do help them figure out answers a lot, but what happens when they don’t have manipulatives? What is a good goal with math? Should they be able to do all math problems in their head one day instead of with paper and pencil or a calculator?

    Thanks for any advice, math is a subject I get really worried about and am never sure what makes someone successful when it comes to math.


    They should not be moving on to the next lesson UNTIL they can easily and quickly do the problems without them.  

    Also, this is a golden opportunity for YOU to learn math.   Just because you don’t feel confident now—doesn’t mean you can’t learn.  This is a good example for your children.  Geometry was my bete noir in high school, and now I am totally excited that I get to share it with my third son this year!  Geometry is great.

    The goal with math is that they UNDERSTAND, can figure out how to do the problem, and can accurately do the math.  Whether that is done in the head, on paper or with a calculator depends greatly on the problem—I solve problems all 3 ways every day.  Sometimes I even need a computer program.  🙂  The great goal is application.  Anyway, now while they are young, THEY DO NOT MOVE ON FROM A LESSON UNTIL THEY KNOW THE FACTS  and can solve the word problems easily.



    I have learned so much more about math by teaching my kids!  I’ve also gotten much better at mental math.  Usually I watch the MUS videos with them, so I learn how Mr. Demme goes about it…a few things are done differently that how I learned math.  Some problems are done in their head, some on paper, and they almost always start by using the blocks.  They will only use the blocks when they are learning how the problems are solved.  Eventually they can do the problems in their head or on paper.  

    For memorizing facts, if you go to the MUS website, click on “parents”, then “parent resources”, then “drills”, it will lead to an online drill page.  This is a great resource.  You can also use flashcards or timed math drill pages.  I’ve found free math drill pages as well as inexpensive e-book drills.  Sometimes we turn the flashcards into a game.  I show them a card and if they get it right, they keep it.  Whoever has the most at the end wins.

    Alpha and Beta are very easy levels of math…I’m sure you’ll do fine!  😉  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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