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    I recently read a comment on this forum from a mom who used Math U See in high school. She stated that her students didn’t know proper math terms and it hurt their SAT scores.

    Has anyone else had this experience? I plan on having my daughter start SAT practice next year but am wondering if I should do some kind of supplementation with a more traditional math program to teach math terms. So far Math U See is working really well for us but I don’t want it to hurt my daughter’s future plans.

    I would love to hear more from those of you who used MUS through high school.

    Many thanks,


    Karen Smith

    I used Math-U-See for all of my children from Epsilon through Pre-Calculus. I had one child complete Math-U-See’s Calculus. Personally, I had a lot of math in school. I did not find that MUS used any different terminology than what I was taught. Unfortunately, none of my children took the SAT so I can’t answer to that.

    However, there used to be a mom, Bookworm, who was a regular on the forum who used MUS with her boys. I know at least two of her boys went on to college. Her boys had to do standardized testing throughout their schooling. At least one of her boys did well on the SAT. I found this comment from Bookworm in an old forum thread on math:

    “My oldest did MUS from 1st grade to 12th and is currently a physics/mathematics double major in college. He thinks MUS was TERRIFIC.”

    You can also read more comments from Bookworm regarding MUS, SAT, and college on these two forum threads.



    Melanie, what if they made a journal of terms as they went and reviewed it regularly?  So far we’ve come across several terms, but they aren’t reviewed a great deal.  The new G worksheets also seem to spend a bit more time on terminology, and I pick and choose which of these to add as we go.  I’d rather add in some term review than switch programs altogether.  There are so many positive reviews of MUS (by people actually using the program long term), and I like to remind myself of these after reading negative comments about the program!  There are many additional stories of HSers going into math heavy fields and majors with nothing but MUS.   I haven’t looked into SAT/ACT results and MUS specifically, because my DC will likely start at community college or a tech school, butI am concerned with them having a solid math foundation for any path they take!


    Hi, I was the person who posted about my dd’s feeling the terminology was different.  I’m wondering if I could find examples of SAT practice questions to clarify where they ran into difficulty.  I would definitely also like to encourage you to take ALL reviews with a grain of salt with your own kids in mind.  I can’t remember if I said it earlier, but my kids struggle with math…there’s no way of knowing if their scores would have been much different with a different program.  I do think that more than likely, if a student is good with math, they’ll more than likely do well regardless.

    I always hate giving a “negative” review, worrying that it may turn someone off to something that her student would like!

    If I do come across a concrete example of what I mean, I’ll post it.

    And not for nothing…one of my 15 yo daughters said today, “I’d kill to be back with MUS!  I hate  Saxon!”  Lol!



    Karen-Thanks so much for sharing your experience and linking to posts from Bookworm.

    Holly-Keeping a math notebook is a great idea!

    Marmiemama-You make some good points and I agree. So many times we blame or credit a certain program with success or a lack thereof when it also really depends on the individual child and his/her strengths and weaknesses. I appreciate your sharing on the other thread and here as well.

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