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    Hi, I found a few different math programs/books like:

    DVD set Charlotte Mason’s Living Math: A Guided Journey

    Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching

    Mathematics: A Human Endeavor, Elementary Algebra and Geometry

    Your Business Math

    Math lessons for a living education

    Which of those would be advisable for the beginning (13 & 15 yo but new to CM)? Or do you have other suggestions? How do you practise math? Do you use workbooks?

    Many Blessings!


    Principles of Mathematics from Master Books is a great pre-algebra living math. Both your kids could probably use it. It is full of real life problems and applications of math. It is also a God-centered math curriculum. The textbook talks directly to your child, and it’s very conversational. There aren’t too many problems each day to work out. My kids enjoyed it.


    What have your children used in the past or are using currently. I find with math a big challenging to change is each has a very specific scope and sequence to their programs, so changing can be a challenge (but it can be done 🙂 )

    Knowing what they use now and your goals for the future could help narrow down suggestions.

    Personally we use workbooks. We started with MUS and haven’t changed and have been really happy with it and the progress my kids are making with a solid math foundation. I think living math can work wonderfully, but for myself and my kids I found a set curriculum to be the best fit.


    Thank you sooo much for your answers and advice! I will check it all out. I also heard about Professor B… Does anybody have experience with this?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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