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    I have been using Making Math Meaningful, Level 1 and am debating on switching to another curriculum. My son says he likes it and seems to be catching onto the concepts. What makes me want to switch? I wanted a full curriculum and I want something I can stay with and not be switching around. I am concerned that if I do switch him to say, MathUSee, would he be confused by the new learning style? I have also been checking out Right Start Math. MMM does not include some topics like telling time, money, counting by 2’s, etc. and I would have to know what to add in to make sure he gets a full math curriculum. I would prefer a curriculum that includes everything he needs to know. Bottom line, is I don’t know which way to go. There are positive and negative reviews about everything I have looked at. I don’t want to confuse him by constantly switching and I don’t want to spend unnecessary money. Any suggestions?


    How old is your son?


    I personally love Math Mammoth. My girls love them, the books are inexpensive – I can buy one book and print it for all the girls. And the owner Maria Miller, is so nice and helpful. She was a math teacher before becoming a homeschool Mom. My girls do 1 to 2 worksheets a day, but usually 2, which takes about 10 – 15 minutes.

    There’s bound to be negative reviews because we are all different. I personally did not like Math-U-See, but I know A LOT of homeschool moms who love it. Another mom I know loves Spectrum Spelling but when I looked into it I could tell I would not like it.

    Hope you find what will work for you!

    Jodie Apple

    We’re a ‘Right Start Math to the bitter end’ family! We used Math u See, Bob Jones and two of ours had saxon before we began home educating. I had the same concerns you have about switching and learning a different method and I also wanted one that I could use throughout their education without having to switch every year. (We purchased Math u See for that very reason, but it just didn’t work for us.) As Rene mentioned above, what works for one family might not work for another.

    We like RS because:

    -it leads you to UNDERSTAND math and not just memorize.

    -it covers everything without having to supplement with other books, etc.

    -it incorporates games for practice instead of the dreaded mounds of worksheets.

    -it keeps review, new concepts and practice in good proportions.

    -it is conducive to CM’s short lesson method. (If we don’t finish a lesson completely in one session, I mark where we got to and it is easy to pick up there the next day.)

    There is a website for Right Start where you can view samples of each level and they do a great job of answering questions you may have.

    We also like the business math series from SCM as a break from the routine. It helps them use math skills in a way that makes it relevant to them. They see an actual purpose for math!!! (I don’t know the ages and levels your children are; this series assumes an understanding of some basic math skills…you can see the description on this website.)

    Hope this helps.


    In response to how old my son is, he is getting ready to turn 7 this month.


    I second the Math Mammoth idea. We use Calcu-ladder and FlashMaster for fact practice.

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