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    Has anyone used Math Mammoth?

    Any thoughts on this? I’m considering using it with my 2nd grade ds this year. He’s finishing up Math U See Alpha and seems to be bothered by the repetition and block manipulatives – he is the “give me the worksheet and let me get it over with” type of kid. He’s quite different from my oldest ds who just loves Math U See.

    I’d love to hear if anyone else has used Math Mammoth and what you did or didn’t like about it. What I like about it so far is that it seems to be very cost effective. πŸ™‚




    I really like it, and so does my dd8. We only use it for extra practice, though.


    I have Mammoth Math and tried using it with my third grade son–we gave it 6 weeks, but he really disliked it. In fact, he dreaded math time. It has a lot of problems per page and several pages per lesson. He was beginning to hate math.

    If your child likes worksheets and does not mind lots of problems–he will enjoy the program.

    If you go to Mammoth Math’s website, they will let you download sample pages. You can try that and see.

    Also, everytime they update they will send you an email with the link.

    We are now using a living book called Everyday Number Stories by Emma Serl (it is a VERY old book) and it is actually in the public domain. You can download it free from Google books.

    The Erskine’s also have a great follow up book to Everyday Number Stories for the intermediate ages called Everday Arithmetic that you can download on their site: homeschoolfreebie dot com. It is downloadable today only. But it also is in the public domain–so I’m sure you can find it as well.

    We also use the Life of Fred. It is a storybook about a super brain child named Fred who actually teaches college level math. It is called Life of Fred: Fractions-as serious as it needs to be. It is HILARIOUS–very much boy humor and takes only about 10 minutes to read the story equated with the concept. It is from Polka Dot Publishing and by the author Stanley Schmidt. It is the first Fred book in the series. I ordered it directly from the author for 15.00 with free shipping–it is a hardback.

    We then use Singapore Math for a supplement. It has nice color pages and is great for reinforcing a concept.

    I use the two living books that I mentioned above. We read these together, and then use the Singpore math workbook as a sit down pencil to paper supplement. I went to Singpore’s website and downloaded the placement test–gave it to my child and figured out he need 2B to begin with. I only ordered the student edition and it was only 7.95.




    Thanks so much, Kristal. This is valuable information. I’m going to look into the living books you mentioned. My ds dislikes doing worksheet after worksheet and I too do not want him to dread math time. I’m excited about the “free” living book math resourses. πŸ™‚




    Hi, i am new hear and happened to see your post about 2nd grade math mammoth. actually

    i have this and paid $60 for it a month ago, but realized my dd needs a diff. style

    so i bought rod and staff. we didnt even write on a single page and it is in 2 in binders. it came as loose leaf 3 hole punched with a cd rom for the end of year test and

    i believe you can also print off extra worksheets from the cd. i have it for sale on a used curr. board, but if your interested i would be willing to sell it to you for $20. i live in IL and dont know what shipping would be, but i wouldnt think more than $7 or 8 dollars? just a thought if you wanted to use it as a supplement. if i dont sell it im just going to keep it and use it during the summer as a brush up on topics that might need a little practice.

    and by the way, my name is heather also lol.


    Mamaof3peas (Heather),

    Thank you for the offer. However, I’ve already ordered an E-book to supplement. Now that we’ve had the chance to try Mammoth Math, I don’t think we will be continuing with it. We’re going to stick with our “tried and true” – Math U See. Now that my ds has been away from Math U See for awhile he realizes just how much he likes it.

    However, thanks again for the offer. Maybe someone else here is interested or else, like you said, it might be good to use Mammoth Math just to brush up on topics. πŸ™‚

    Blessings πŸ™‚


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