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    If you use this Math program, can you give me some feedback on your experiences with it?  Do you find it more intensive than other programs?  Do you find it at or above grade levels in comparision to other programs? 

    I looked for old posts and found one or two but not addressing how you found this to be compared to other curriculums. 



    I have no way to compare this to other programs, as this is the only program my youngest has used (completed 1st and now working on 2nd grade). I’m very happy with it and he seems to enjoy it. I’m sure it helps because I print the pages in color so they are pretty fun to look at. My older three children use Teaching Textbooks and love it (as do I), but my youngest isn’t ready to start that yet, so we’re using MM until he is. Not sure if that helps you, but I am very happy with the program and purchased it through the for a great price.



    We used MM for 3rd grade and it was going well but since it was mastery my son was forgetting stuff he learned a few chapters earlier when he needed to apply it to a new chapter. There wasn’t built in review and I didn’t know any better (it was my 1st yr homeschooling). So we used CLE for 4th which was review overkill. Every other day he was being asked to give his 11 tables. Anyway, I figured that I would like a mastery program but will just have to be more mindful to include review every so often. So for 5th I decided to try Singapore and, I know the program is great and I love the method, but it was too many books to juggle (TM, student text, student workbook, etc) and I just hated it. Looked at TT and MUS and just wasn’t “feeling it” with those. Didn’t want BJU or Abeka with the intensive teacher manuals (and the price). So…back to MM. Simple, singapore-like, directions written to the student on their pages (no TM but there is an answer key), very cheap, and tons of resources avail from the writer of the program. I decided on the pdf instead of the book and so I print mine out too which does add a little color vs the book. With the pdf version it includes a worksheet maker so I can review what I want, when I want and there are cumulative review “tests” included in that. I plan to use it for 6th. Not sure where I am going after that as it only goes to 6th.

    As far as comparison I think that it is on par, if not advanced compared to some. She gives different ways to solve problems vs. giving one formula and that’s it. Sometimes my son will learn them all and then choose his favorite. I like the way it builds. For fractions, use pie diagrams and split pieces and then move on to more abstract teaching on fractions. It is very singaporish like I said. I don’t feel it is “intense”. I print out a few pages and we just do 2-3, depending on the day or his grasp of the new material.

    Hope that helps. Stacey


    I created their Math program for 2nd and 3rd for my son plus 4th and 5th for my daughter by looking at the Common Core standards for scope and sequence and using free internet sources.  Then we added Life of Fred in to that mix.  But for some reason we buckled and bought MM for 4th and 6th thinking maybe we were not “getting it all” and I have to say it’s been trouble ever since. 

    I don’t know if it’s the MM itself or the difference of having my created spiral approach versus the mastery approach or what!  Seems when Math was just working problems and introducing cool concepts things were fine but the structure of a “math book” of any kind seems to have introduced a funny little vibe for us.  Nothing unsurmountable but something to think about still.  But we’re at a crossroads now.  I need to decide how to do 5th and 7th in the Fall. 


    We started with mm and really liked it until I realized that my son was forgetting things that he seemed to have mastered weeks ago.   I had the opportunity to switch to MUS and that’s worked out better.  Looking back I think we could have stuck with mm if I had realized that we needed to do constant drills to review.  I like that MUS has review built right in.

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