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    I am looking for advice on math curriculums. I would like a simple approach, where each days lesson can be completed in the time allotted, my kids are ages 12, 10 and 8. Should I begin algebra with my oldest? Would the business math SCM has be appropriate as a curriculum? I would love to do a Charlotte mason approach, but don’t know where to start. Currently they are using CLE, which has a lot of busy work and takes them a long time (way over limit) to complete, but they are learning well and grasping concepts.


    We are using Ray’s For Today.  Some of the lessons are long, so we do part of one at times.


    My older two have used SCM Business Math (in 5 & 6th grade) but it was not the only math we did. We did it a couple times a week, more “for fun” real life application type. It was good practice but not introducing new topics, why we used as practice but not our full curriculium. Also they are basically the same concept so you would not use year after year, just once. The kids did enjoy it though and learned about the practical side of everyday math which was great!

    As for starting algebra, it depends on the student. My oldest is in 7th grade doing pre algebra but some students start earlier and others later.

    We use MUS, have since the beginning. The lessons are short, the videos teach clearly and we have had great success so far with it. I also like that it is student led, I really don’t have to do much just “cheerlead” sometimes when a new topic is introduced.

    There are so many options if CLE works maybe just cut the problems in 1/2 doing only the odd or even problems. Growing up I used Saxon and we usually did either the odd or even problems to cut down lesson time while still progressing.

    I think CM math can be great but if what you are doing works, maybe just modify it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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