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    On another site, a person proved links to a series of old handicraft/lift skills books that (from the bit I’ve looked at them) look absolutely delightful and wonderful.  I looked at them online, and have downloaded both the pdf and Kindle versions (but haven’t looked at the ones I downloaded yet.)   I kept the pdf as well as the kindle because of the wonderful illustrations, including in the housekeeping ones, patterns for making a cardboard dollhouse and furniture!  (I’ll want to print those pages)   There are lessons on housekeeping, knitting, crochet, sewing, etc all wound into a story.  (The tools to do these things talk…)

    Now, they were written around 1912, so some of the skills will be a bit out-of-date (especially the first-aid book, I’m not sure we will read that one) – but a lot will still be useful.

    Here is part of the email, with all the links…

    I wanted to share the links with you.  They are available in many different formats including pdf, kindle, text, html, etc.

    The Mary Frances Garden Book:

    The Mary Frances Cookbook:

    The Mary Frances Housekeeper:

    The Mary Frances Storybook:

    The Mary Frances Sewing Book:

    The Mary Frances Knitting and Crochet Book:

    The Mary Frances First Aid Book:



    Thank you for these links!  I have been looking for these for awhile now and am so pleased to get them free!


    Yes, thank you for these! I was wondering if you knew if there was an order that this series follows. Is there one in which we are introduced to Mary Frances, and so, should be read first? Just wondering.


    Just looking at them quickly – there is an order – but you can figure it out from looking at the intro, as it lists all the “people” she has worked with…

    From looking at them last night, I am pretty sure that Cooking was first, and Sewing was second.   I think housekeeping is 3rd.  Beyond that, you would need to look at the intros.  I’m not sure how important it would be to do in order…  In the intro it mentiones the “people” she has met…

    I think this is the order.

    “Kitchen People” – cooking

    “Thimble People” – sewing

    “Doll People” – housekeeping

    “Garden People” – gardening

    “Brave Family” – First Aid

    “Knitting People” – Knitting and Crocheting

    don’t think there are any “people” or “lessons” in the storybook….


    Thanks for that, suzukimom.  I downloaded them today onto the iPad and we are looking forward to reading them!


    Those look awesome!!!


    Oh how lovely! Thank you for these wonderful links!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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