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    Ok I have a question.. I have the Uncle Johns Maps I’m good there. but I was wondering when they are doing it is it a free for all? I’m a bit confused on how to conduct this.

    Also, I have two maps on our table under clear plastic the big ones that are like 4×3 can I just use that to have them lable there maps and correct?

    Thanks for the help once again


    Sonya Shafer

    I’m not positive what you mean by “free for all,” but in a way the children have freedom to select which countries to learn next within the continent boundary you have given them. For example, if you’re focusing on Africa, give them the outline map of Africa and somehow spotlight that section of your big map. Each child should write on his/her outline map any countries he/she already knows then can select one or two new ones in Africa to copy onto it.

    I suppose you could make this more of a parent-directed activity by requiring all the children to do the same countries all together, but I’ve found that using that approach tends to add an element of competition that can discourage and cause conflicts to arise between the siblings.

    Does that answer your question?

    Hi Misty!

    I actually use her Geographical Reader for Elementary schools that she wrote. It is really interesting–my children like listening to it–for she has some humorous points in it–we died laughing at the Japan part. It talks about the Japanese loving books but that it was too bad that they only liked trashy romance novels.

    You can download this book thru the Internet Archive.

    We use her geographical readers (we are on book 5) and just read the next one in the book, find it on the map, and then we talk about it. It has questions at the end of the section, along with maps.

    We don’t stress on it, over it, or about it. So I don’t know if our way would help anyone else. But I thought I would mention the reader to you in case it might be of help.




    Yes it does thanks I think I will let them pick there own and not have everyone doing the same. Competition is always trying to beat at someone around here




    Krystal what geography readers do you use? I didnt know what to look for after reading your post? Thank you so much God bless, nancyt.


    Map Drill is one that has definitely brought competition into our home. Not that it is all bad but it is harder on the younger 2 (one does not write well yet and the other has a hard time remembering where places are located). But for the older ones it really helps them learn more.

    I do really like the idea of allowing them to choose. I bet that would help my younger ones more rather than making it such a challenge all the time. Thanks for the idea Sonya.

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