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    My friend, Linda, just posted a detailed tutorial on how to make beautiful envelopes from old calendars. It looks like once you make the template, your children could create the envelopes pretty easily. Thought this might be a good idea for the winter months, plus the Borders near us had all their calendars for $1 this week.


    What a creative idea.  Valentines!


    Beautiful!  I have to admit, when I read the beginning of it, I thought “this is a lot of work” BUT then I got to the finished product and it is gorgeous!  Looks well worth the effort and what a gift to someone–that you took the time to make something so pretty to bless them!  Thanks!


    I’ve been making envelopes for about a year.  I have a few pen pals and making cards and envelopes is half the fun!  I usually just take apart an envelope I already have and make the new envelopes from that.  Also I buy blank card and evelope sets from Michael’s and use those envelopes as templates also.  It is really fun getting them in the mail! Letter writing is a lost art.  I’m grateful to have the few pen pals that I do.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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