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    I’m seeing a lot of questions when it gets to the high school ages so I have a couple questions:

    1. Soyna have you or have you thought about putting something together to address this time of schooling? Kinda like the younger years idea?

    2. I see many with issues with the history not being enough.  Why do you feel it’s not enough for history?  I’m not a history person, don’t see my children needing a huge history background so wouldn’t the modules be enough?

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and advice, Misty



    The idea of a highschool guide sounds wonderful! Have you read SCM’s blog series “Homeschooling through Highschool the CM Way”? You may find it helpful and hopefully it will put you at ease. 

    God Bless! Heather

    Sonya Shafer

    That’s the series I was going to refer to also, Heather. Thanks! Smile

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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