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    Here are some books we no longer need I take PayPal and all prices include shipping. E mail Roslyn J Harris at g mail dot com. No spaces or caps.

    A Beka Homeschool language arts 1st lessons, Gr. 1 — $35 ppd. Nice. Current sprial bound teacher book for all language arts grade 1

    A Beka Homeschool Language Arts 2nd grade, Gr. 2 — $35 ppd. Nice. ECur sprial teacher lesson plan book for all 2nd grade language

    A Beka K4 readers the ”little books”+ blend and word book, Pre-K — $14 ppd. Nice. No writing and like new complete set

    A Beka Kindergarten phonics readers + family fun readers Gr. K — $23 ppd. Good. both sets complete current edition no writing

    A Beka Readers, 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade eCur, Gr. 2 — $7 ppd. Nice. I have most of the current 1, 2, 3 readers $5 each if you buy 3 or more

    A Beka Reading for fun enrichment library, Gr. K — $45 ppd. Nice. Only a few books are used they are all here and most were never read

    A child’s book of character building 1 — $5 ppd. Nice. Character building stories and lessons for young children ISBN 9780800754945

    Alpha Omega Horizons math teacher guide 1st grade, Gr. 1 — $12 ppd. Good. Teacher guide only for grade 1 ISBN 9781580959315

    Apologia Biology 1st edition set J L Wile, Grs. 9-12 — $14 ppd. Good. Text, tests, multimedia cd, lesson plans no writing I see ISBN 0965629473

    Apologia General science set 2nd edition, Gr. 7 — $25 ppd. Nice. Text, tests book, multimedia cd, audio cd ISBN 9781932012866

    Apologia Physical Science 2nd edition, Gr. 8 — $15 ppd. Nice. Student text and tests/ solutions book ISBN 9781932012774

    Apple’s and pears A teacher book — $10 ppd. Nice. 3rd ed phonics based remedial spelling dyslexic friendly ISBN 9781905174256

    Apples and Pears B set , Grs. K-8 — $35 ppd. New. 1 teacher notes and 2 new workbooks ISBN 9781905174263

    Betsy and giulio maestro books — $15 ppd. Nice. American Story series 4 books set ISBN 0688068383

    Builders of our Country 1 and 2, Gr. 3 — $22 ppd. Narrative US history from yesterdays classics by Southworth very CM friendly form 1 ISBN 9781599152325

    Challenging word problems 3, 5 and 6, Grs. K-8 — $12 ppd. Nice. Price each Primary math by Joseph Lee out of print no writing extra math practice good problems ISBN 9812528431

    Give your child the world , Grs. K-8 — $10 ppd. Nice. Book lists and descriptions for multicultural kids books to create your own geography studies ISBN 9780310344131

    Heart of Dakota Creation to Christ duo, Gr. 4 — $35 ppd. New. new sealed student pages + used Tiner History of Medicine ISBN 0890512485

    Heart of Dakota Little Hearts Manual +, Gr. 1 — $27 ppd. Good. Guide and like new Devotions for childrens hour ISBN 097476955X

    HOD drawn into reading guide + , Grs. K-5 — $50 ppd. Nice. And 3 New workbooks 1 of 2/3 + 2 of 4/5+ book projects grade 4 I am willing to split this up. Make an offer. ISBN 9780974769509

    Jr analytical grammer mechanics, Gr. 5 — $14 ppd. Nice. Student book no writing original edition

    Jr analytical grammer dvd + teacher, Gr. 5 — $30 ppd. Nice. Nice Teacher book+ dvds for units 1-11 unscratched, case damaged original edition

    Language Lessons for Today 3,4,5,6 — $12 ppd. Each Good. no writing other than stray light pencil price each or $40 for all 4 ISBN 9781619991064

    Long`s New Language Lessons 2 books, Grs. K-5 — $15 ppd. Nice condition vintage english books part 1 and 2 CM friendly

    Memoria Press First grade 1st grade manual, Gr. 1 — $24 ppd. Nice. Plus 4 used required read aloud books. Ordered in February 2022 ISBN 9781615381593

    Memoria Press Phonics flashcards, Gr. K — $13 ppd. Nice. Laminated but hardly used complete set ISBN 1615385975

    Memoria Press Storytime treasures and more storytime, Gr. 1 — $22 ppd. New. Treasures teacher guides set of 2. eCur new ISBN 9781547703753

    Memoria Press Timeline set wall cards and flashcards, Grs. K-8 — $11 ppd. New. Opened but new wall cards unopened flashcards great for any timeline

    Memoria Press Traditional Spelling manual 1 or 3 — $10 ppd. Nice. 3 is $10, 1 has supplemental key too so $14 nice phonics based spelling ISBN 9781615389100

    Miquon lot annotations, notes to teachers, Gr. 1 — $22 ppd. Nice. Also Red and orange student books 4 books all clean and unmarked ISBN 0913684643

    Natural Speller Kathryn Stout , Grs. K-8 — $7 ppd. Nice. Spelling lists organized by grade and phonics ISBN 9781891975004

    Oxford The Romans and The Greeks, Grs. K-8 — $13 ppd. Nice. By Roy Burrell ills Peter Connolly OUP living history texts I will split up for $8.00 each good for CM style history ISBN 0199171629

    SCM lesson plans for 4th or 5th — $10 each ppd. Nice. Individual studies for LA science math CM style ISBN 9781616343453

    SCM Mathematics an Instrument for, Grs. K-8 — $15 ppd. Nice. Living teaching CM math thoughts by Richele Baburina ISBN 9781616342012

    SCM spelling wisdom 2 or 3 — $20 ppd. Nice. Price each Simply Charlotte mason spelling books like new ISBN 9781616340285

    Stories of great Americans for little, Grs. K-5 — $15 ppd. Nice. Americans+ 1st book of American History Eggleston ISBN 0965273547

    The Gillingham Manual — $50 ppd. Nice. Read but no marks in it and very little edge wear ISBN 9780838802007

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