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    ·       The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure

    ·       Hands on Equations whole kit & possibly Fractions kit for Grade 4-5

    ·       Mathematicians are People Too Volume 1

    ·       The Living Year by Headsrom

    ·       ANY books by:  Caroline Dale Snedeker

    ·       Mathematics by Irving Adler

    ·       Math books by:  Marilyn Burns


    • Picture Study Porfolio: Jan Van Eyck•

    The Book of Genesis by Paterson Smyth•

    St. Matthew by Paterson Smyth•

    Young Citizen’s Reader by Reinsch

    • A Rational Guide to verse by Aruffo

    • Stories of the Nations vol. 1 SCM

    • Narration note cards for Stories of Nations vol. 1 & Stories of America vol. 1•

    A Little Brother to the Bear by Long•

    Adventures with a Hand Lens by Headstrom


    Thanks for looking!  🙂

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