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    If anyone is clearing out curriculum, I have a “wishlist” of things we are missing/wanting to try 🙂 I know a some of this is stuff everyone wants/needs, but putting it out there anyway 🙂  I am interested in purchasing the following (it isn’t all SCM):

    -SCM History/Bible Studies lesson plan books, especially Genesis-Deut/Ancient Egypt

    -All of the supporting materials for the above SCM Bible/History lesson plans (Hungry Planet, Ancient Egypt and her neighbors, etc)

    -Stuff they left behind portfolios

    -Picture study portfolios (we do have some of those already, so I would need to check against what we’ve got)

    -Bible Picture portfolios

    -SCM enrichment lesson plan guides

    -Life of Fred books beyond Apples and Butterflies

    -Math-u-See books/test/workbooks above Beta

    -D’Aulaire biographies individually or as set

    -Opal Wheeler composer Books

    -Genevieve Foster World of… books, individually or as set

    -Rightstart mathematics manipulatives (I have some, but need a few to fill out the set)

    If anyone is willing to work something out, send me a PM or email me at jennymalone1066@me.com


    thanks! 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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