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  • I have broken up my children’s work into 3 tangible periods of time so that the entire school year isn’t so overwhelming. They just need to finish a certain amount by a certain date, and we will plan a family field trip with dad at the end if they are all finished on time.  I am wondering this:  Is there a place in the organizer that I can look ahead and see at a certain date where they should be at in each assignment if they follow the daily/weekly schedule I set up?





    I’m afraid not.

    Doug Smith

    The reason it doesn’t is because the relaxed style of the CM Organizer tells you what’s next rather than holding you to a particular schedule. It doesn’t know how many divisions (chapters) of a particular resource you are going to do each day so there isn’t a way to calculate where you will be on a certain date.

    For example, you might schedule a science book and a history book for a child. That child might read two chapters in the history book on one day, then a single chapter another day. But it’s possible that a single lesson in the sciensce book might take several days to complete.


    One thing I did for a couple of resources (that I am using from the Sonlight curriculum) is this:

    Instead of putting 1, 2, 3 in the spaces for chapter numbers, I put “Sonlight assignment” where the word ‘chapter’ might go, and then I put 1-1 for week one Monday and then 1-2 for week one Tuesday…. 16-4 would mean week sixteen Thursday.  The chapter numbers or page numbers for the assignment go at the beginning of the description line then.  I don’t always stick to it (sometimes we do a couple of assignments in a day and other times we miss) but I can always see at a glance if we are keeping sorta ‘on schedule’.  We have a baby due on Christmas Day, so I’d like quite a few of the books I have scheduled to be finished up before we take a nice break for a month or so this winter.  Since there are 36 weeks in the Sonlight curriculum and a pregnancy is about 40 weeks, it’s easy for me to determine how far along we should be by how pregnant I am!

    It’s a little extra work, but maybe that’s an idea for some people who want to have a more predetermined schedule.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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