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    Hi, my son wants to do Logic.  What logic curriculum/books have you used & why? What made you choose that particular one?   I already have an idea of what to use but I wanted to hear from others what worked for them.

    Thanks 🙂


    It depends on the age. I use Logic Countdown and Logic Lift-off for about 5th-6th grades, and various logic puzzle books like Perplexors. I use these because they’re a fun, puzzle-y introduction to logic and each worksheet is short.

    In 8th, we typically do The Fallacy Detective and The Thinking Toolbox, but that could easily be used for 9th, too, IMO. I use these because they’re so widely used and highly recommended, plus I think knowing fallacies and learning to think critically are very important skills. I also appreciate the Christian perspective.

    Then sometime in high school, we go through A Rulebook for Arguments briefly. It’s kind of a combo of logic, rhetoric and writing argumentative essays. I like it because it’s short and to the point but it’s not formal logic like Aristotle (I think that would be too much for me). It is secular, though.

    I’ve looked at others, like Art of Argument, and they look good, but what we use works, so I haven’t changed anything.


    Yeah I forgot to mention he’s 16 and will be in 11 grade, but he wants to do logic now. He tells me he’s been waiting two and a half months already.. Well, bless his heart, I’ll get him some logic to do now 🙂  Lol    A Rulebook for Arguments sounds interesting. I’ll check it out.  I was also looking at The Art of Argument. Our second son used The Thinking Toolbox/The Fallacy Detective. I’m just not sure that will satisfy this son.


    Yes, take a look at Art of Argument from Classical Academic Press and its sequel, the name of which is slipping my mind right now. I used these with one of my daughters and hope to use them again with my last one.  They are meant for older ages than Fallacy Detective et al, so they are more detailed and have a more satisfying complexity.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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